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Fully Assembled Museum Quality Tall Ships For Sale

January 31st, 2010

Tall Ships - Cutty Sark Model

Tall Ships - Cutty Sark Model


If you asked four out of five people they’d tell you that what they understood about tall ships was what they’d seen on a movie screen, but in reality these boats are anything but a relic from the past. The economic bonuses for the people and places who understand the value of these tall ships are still helping communities around the world today and the interest in these boats remains unabated judging by the number of people and places that take an active interest.

If you don’t think that these vessels are still vibrant, all you need to do is ask the people of Nova Scotia, Canada. The recent 2009 Tall Ships event that was carried out there injected a whopping $32 million into the local economy and drew close to 100,000 visitors. More than 40 ships and thousands of sailors were at the event last summer.

Sailing Tall Ships To The Bank

If you’ve got the money and you’re so inclined a stay the Winter Olympics can be even more interesting than you first thought since one of the Russian tall ships, the Kruzenshtern, will visit Vancouver during the Olympics and possibly even offer interested visitors a ride. The ship is scheduled to arrive in Vancouver on Feb 10 and there will be 120 cadets aboard who will be learning the expertise needed for sailing tall ships.

There are those who think that tall ships are the stuff of Europe only and that when you think about American history, you need to only concern yourself with the canoe. However, that’s not the case at all as these tall ships and their history have a place in the American story as well

Tall Ships And American History

Across the United States there are several maritime museums that cater partially to the past of these tall ships and you can make plans to go to places like the Maine Maritime Museum that includes some realistic models of the tall ships from a bygone era. There are many other museums that cater to this important part of American history and the San Diego Maritime Museum has information on sailing these interesting boats there as well.

As you might expect, the West Cost has a special affinity with these boats in general with places like San Francisco being home to large fleet at the end of the 1800s. These tall ships helped to establish the California and Hawaii Sugar Company that brought raw sugar from Hawaii to the refineries that were located on the coast. In 1898 one the Schooners embarked on the journey with a 19-year-old captain on board. William Olson was to become the youngest sea Captain on the Pacific.

Tall ships have seen the history of the world and of the American continent and played a role in both. These are the boats that live on today and still represent a vibrant part of the lives of the people interested in the sea.

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Model Ships for Sale

January 23rd, 2010

Model Ships for Sale - HMS Victory Model

Model Ships for Sale - HMS Victory Model


Model ship collecting is about as classic a hobby as you can get. Prior to the industrial revolution, model ships were bought and sold mostly among the wealthy population. This was because of the uniquely skilled craftsmanship put into the each model’s design. However, in this day and age model ships sell to anyone and everyone. Some collectors prefer building models from scratch, while others simply want to find whole model ships for sale. If you are just starting out in your hobby and looking to find some model ships to start off your collection, there are loads of great sites that offer model ships for affordable prices.

Model Ships for Sale Online

One such site for the model ship enthusiast is Here you can find a large variety of model ships for sale. Ship sizes conveniently range from 14″ and under to 50″ and over. While ship pricing ranges from the affordable $50 and under to the more diehard $500 and over.

For the collector looking for certain themes, different styles of model ships are also sold at For instance, civil war ships, pirate ships, and WWII ships are among the site’s model ships for sale. Also, ship decorations such as telescopes, ship wheels, and compasses are available for the model ship collector looking to enhance current models they own.

Mode ship categories include: tall ships, speed boats, cruise ships, yachts and special edition models. Display cases for your most prized model ships are also available. Each display case is made from pine, and is fashionably styled to store your model ship in luxury. Most newcomers to model ship buying probably won’t be interested in spending an extra $150 on just a case; but the accomplished and prideful model ship owners will scoff at the thought of dust gathering on their ships.

Another great way to find model ships for sale is Newcomers to model ship collecting may find the prices on eBay very affordable, while the quality of the ship may not be that great. However, distinguished model ship collectors looking to spend a bit of money will find many great and/or rare model ships for sale. However, eBay can either be your friend or your enemy. If you don’t know what you are doing, you may spend too much on a model ship not worth a whole lot. But when looking for rarities, eBay will help you find those model ships that other sites don’t sell.

So, whether you are new to model ship collecting or are a seasoned vet, there are many online ways to find the perfect model ships.

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Building a Ship in a Bottle

January 19th, 2010

Ship in a Bottle - Flying Cloud Model

Ship in a Bottle - Flying Cloud Model

It’s a capture of sun, sails trapped in glass and light. It’s the defiance of logic, baffling all who witness, all who peek down to decipher the secret. The image is iconic: a pirate vessel roaming a painted sea, detailed immaculate. It waits on a shelf, gathering no dust, only intrigue. It seems unlikely. And yet… a ship in a bottle was made. It can be made again.

It’s often named the impossible trick, a dare for any who try it. But such dares can be solved. Because building a ship in a bottle is more process than illusion. It can be achieved by simple patience and simpler steps. Once these steps are known, creating a battle is all too easy… and all too rewarding.

Master The Ship In A Bottle

The first rule you must remember? You will not craft the boat inside its container. That truly would be impossible, and would send most running for solace in the nearest board game. Instead you will shape all materials outside, allowing yourself the freedom to focus on the bows and gaffers. To begin, always measure the opening of your bottle. This will determine the size of your ship (the depth of the hull must be smaller to allow you to slip it in later). Once that number is known, you can then begin to form your vessel. There are countless kits available for those who are not yet certain of their own skills. Novices are recommended to use them. Always build with your number in mind. Never forget it.

Once the majority of the work is done, however, you will find yourself faced with the masts (and, consequently, the sails). It is essential that you place hinges within these to allow the masts to collapse to a ninety degree angle. This will let them rest as you place the ship in a bottle. Attach a string to each so you may raise them later. This will complete the effect.

Caution Ahead: Ship In A Bottle

This is not a day of thrills nor hours spent breathless. This is not instant satisfaction. It is instead a pastime for the patient. Do not assume this will be a quick event, finished in clumsy haste, with you then moving on to the next project. It’s meant instead to be enjoyed, the details faithfully done, the scenes made real. You are not to rush. You are to savor.

Of course, for some, that seems more improbable than the ship in a bottle itself. They demand immediate results. They will find little of that here. Understand that this is a system. It will take effort. If you are not interested in that, then perhaps another hobby would be wise.

If you are willing, however, to offer time, then this can be an experience worth having. You simply must remember to follow your directions carefully, devote the necessary minutes and keep your frustrations low. You will succeed. You merely have to learn first.

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Wooden vs Plastic Sailboat Models

January 13th, 2010

Model Ship - Enterprise Model

Model Ship - Enterprise Model


The subculture of model ship making dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians who often placed small replicas of ships inside tombs in the belief that it could be used for the soul to travel across the Nile. The Greeks and Phoenicians were also known to create representations of ships for pottery and paintings. A modern boost in ship modeling arrived in the 1930’s when the designs of ship builder, E. Armitage McCann were published in Popular Science Magazine.

So it’s no surprise that at the dawn of the 21st century, model ship making is still a challenging and rewarding hobby. Some choose to do it due to a fascination with the sea itself. Others enjoy the creation process as the model slowly takes shape. Still others are amazed by the amount of detail that goes into many ship model designs.

Toy Boats or Much More?

To those who are new to the model ship culture, they may see these small boats as children’s toys. While some are made for the purpose of play, many other ships are meant to be placed on display. In fact, upon witnessing the precision that goes into many of these designs, you would not expect to see them floating sideways in a child’s bathtub.

Some models are seen in captain’s cabins to show pride in the craft he or she commands. Ship building companies keep miniatures of all their current designs on display in board rooms and offices. These scaled down versions are also often used to understand how ships in centuries past were built.

Plastic vs Wood Models

Since many nostalgic boat designs were made out of wood, a lot of early model ships were made the same vein. In many cases wood was one of the only materials available and easy for hands to manage. Many collectors and diehard enthusiasts even now stress the need for accuracy, so they will only work with wood, string, and in some cases even small metal parts for cannons and anchors.

After World War II, the innovation of plastic models started to become more popular due to supply and demand. Many of these models were made from master designs of wood, plaster, clay or other materials. These designs are then used to create plaster or epoxy molds for mass production.

Some of these assembly line-styled model ships come preassembled so they can be displayed directly out of the box. Others arrive in various pieces in order for you to enjoy the achievement of making the model. In either case, the accomplishment of these kits has made model ship collecting more accessible to the general public.

Are Model Ships For You?

The hobby of model ships does require patience to go along with a passion for the seafaring crafts they represent. What’s most important is that the experience can be fulfilling and even provide you with a wonderful story about the boat and even some information about the period in history it came from.

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How To Buy a Ship Model

January 7th, 2010

Model Ship - Titanic Model

Model Ship - Titanic Model


One of the most popular pastimes all over the world is building ship models. A ship model is a small-scale reproduction of a ship. People may enjoy building them because they enjoy nautical history, are interested in the engineering of ships, or simply because they think ships are cool. Ship models range in size from miniatures to large models that are actually manned by people.

People have been building ship models since ancient times. Some of these models have survived to the modern era, which gives historians a firsthand look at the ships and the culture surrounding them in the olden days. Ship models were often used in ancient times as burial votives, home décor, or as toys for children.

Times haven’t changed all that much, as ship models today are often used for the same purpose (although not so much as burial votives these days). A ship model displayed in a den is still an impressive sight, and modern children still love to play with toy boats. Model shipbuilding is a timeless hobby that will most likely stay around until there’s no water left in which to float the finished products.

Types of Ship Models

A ship model can range in difficulty from simple enough for a child to complete alone to complicated enough to take weeks for a shipbuilding professional to finish. Model kits are available for many different types of ships, from pirate vessels to modern warships, in materials from wood to plastic. They serve a variety of purposes from decoration to entertainment to research.

Some enjoy the challenge of building an exact replica of a famous ship in perfect detail. Others ratchet up the challenge factor by attempting to build the ship inside a bottle. Ships in bottles are fascinating to look at, but not much fun to play with.

Those who prefer a high-tech thrill could invest in a radio-controlled ship model. An RC ship model may come preassembled, but it’s still a challenge. The challenge lies in navigating it, not in building it, but it’s a challenge nonetheless.

And for those who think that bigger is better, one can even build a ship model that’s large enough to hold people in it. Generally speaking, these manned models are used for research, engineering, or training, but it’s not improbable that some enthusiasts build manned models for recreational purposes.

Where to Purchase a Ship Model

Ship model kits are available for purchase in a variety of avenues. A ship model from a local toyshop or hobby store could make a great last-minute birthday or holiday gift. Online retailers offer every possible model kit in existence. There are even specialty shops dedicated solely to this pastime.

Some may dismiss model shipbuilding as nothing more than silly toys or a leisure hobby, but it is more than that to those who love it. Ship models not only help to preserve history, they have a long history of their own that’s worth preserving. As long as there are model enthusiasts to carry on the tradition, it will live on.

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All About Model Sailboats

January 2nd, 2010

Seabreeze Sailer

Seabreeze Sailer


There are two primary types of sailboat models. Before clarifying these types of boats, it is important to state that these models are normally radio controlled. These models use the power of the wind to propel the boat forward, which is then controlled by a radio transmitter. The user is able to control the rudder (for steering) and the position of the sails (for optimal positioning) with the battery-powered electric motor.

Traditional Sailboat Model

A traditional sailboat model or scaled model boat represents a particular sailboat type. These sailboat models imitate the fine details of the boat to make it a small version of the original. Sailboat models can range anywhere from a few inches to several feet long. They may include canons, sounds, lights, and other features that add to the realism of the product.

Racing Sailboat Model

Racing sailboat models are built purely for speed, which utilize high-tech materials such as carbon fiber for masts. Classes include those defined by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and other specific groups, to other classes that are used for non-competitive fun.

Relaxing With Sailboat Models

A sailboat model is extremely relaxing. In this hobby one can find the tranquility of the lake or sea while enjoying their sailboat. Those who are engaged in sailboat models are able to enjoy the sights and sounds around them, enabling them to relax.

Building Sailboat Models

Sailboat models are great for those who enjoy building. Similar to the more popular car model building hobby, those who take interest in creating a well-detailed object find the hobby of model sailboats particularly engaging.

Building a sailboat model allows one to take an in-depth look at all of the major parts of a sailboat. Building a sailboat model from the ground up is an excellent learning experience for all ages and all levels of knowledge. Building a sailboat adds another dimension to the realism and overall experience.

Learning Through Sailboat Models

Learning to sail is another dynamic that occurs when using sailboat models. Compared to other ways, such as learning to sail from books, learning how to sail with a hands-on approach is an alternative method, and preferred by many.

A sailboat model is a particularly good method for teaching children the basics of sailing. Simpler sailboat models can effectively translate some of the most elementary concepts, such as wind direction and speed, into understanding for interested children. Many find using sailboat models, and sailing in general, interesting as a result.

Sailboat models are also just as engaging for adults who want to learn the dynamics of sailing. Appropriate for all levels, a sailboat model will seek to give an accurate representation of how certain factors affect the boat. Through the physical dynamics to the historical representation of some boats, it can be an effective learning process for those who use sailboat models.

Racing with Sailboat Models

Those interested in competitive sailboat racing will find models particularly engaging. Individuals find the experience quite addicting as they utilize the wind and their skills in competition for speed. This represents the final, yet significant, reason for enjoying sailboat models.

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Official Handcrafted Model Ships Blog Launched

January 1st, 2010

2010 is here, and we felt a great start to the year would be to start a blog to catalog and share all the growth, fun and activities that happen here at Handcrafted Model Ships.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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