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Titanic Construction

April 30th, 2010

RMS Titanic Replica

Built at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, the Titanic, Olympic, and Britannic (originally Gigantic), were constructed to compete with Cunard Line’s Lusitania and Mauretani. These ships were purposely designed to be the most grandiose and luxurious ships to sail the seas. The Titanic’s overall length would come in at an outstanding 882 feet 9 inches, with the moulded breadth being 92 feet 0 inches, the tonnage 46,328 GRT, and the overall height from the water line to the boat deck being 59 feet. Lord Pirrie, Thomas Andrews, and Alexander Carlisle were the main designers of Titanic; each of which were Harland and Wolff and White Star director, Harland and Wolff’s construction manager, and the shipyard’s chief draughtsman and general manager, respectively. The Titanic’s construction was funded by the J.P. Morgan and his International Mercantile Marine Co., and began on 31 March 1909. Carlisle was responsible for the project design of the superstructure of the Titanic (the streamlined joining to the hulls, and the lifeboat davit design). However, Carlisle abandoned the project in 1910 to become a shareholder in Welin Davit & Engineering Company Ltd, which was the firm making the davits.

The hull of Titanic underwent construction on May 31, 1911, and was completed on March 31, 1912. Equipped with two reciprocating four-cylinder, triple-expansion steam engines, and a low pressure Parsons turbine that entailed the operation of three propellers. The 29 boilers included in Titanic were powered by 159 coal burning furnaces that gave her a top speed of 23 knots, or 26 mph. While she had four 62 ft funnels, only three were operational, the fourth serving for symmetry, ventilation, and to make her look even more grand. In total, the Titanic carried a maximum of 3,547 passengers and crew.

In its completion, Titanic was the definitive ship in luxury and class. This was due to the many features that she had, including: a swimming pool, gymnasium, Turkish bath, Verandah cafe, squash court, and electric bath. The rooms of the first-class were decorated with ornate wood paneling, but even third-class rooms were adorned with pine paneling and sturdy teak furniture. The Cafe Parisien served passengers gourmet cuisine, complete with a sunlit veranda for total decadence. There were even libraries and barber shops for first and second-class passengers. The expense for such luxury would cost first-class passengers on a one-way trans-Atlantic passage a total of $4,350. Compare that to today, and the price would exceed a whopping $95,860 dollars!

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Titanic Overview and Introduction

April 27th, 2010

Titanic Model Ship

Titanic’s Construction

Built at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, the Titanic, Olympic, and Britannic(originally Gigantic), were constructed to compete with Cunard Line’s Lusitania and Mauretani. The hull of Titanic underwent construction on May 31, 1911, and was completed on March 31, 1912. Equipped with two reciprocating four-cylinder, triple-expansion steam engines, and a low pressure Parsons turbine that entailed the operation of three propellers. In its completion, Titanic was the definitive ship in luxury and class. This was due to the many features that she had, including: a swimming pool, gymnasium, Turkish bath, Verandah cafe,squash court, and electric bath.

Titanic’s Maiden Voyage

The Titanic’s maiden voyage began in Southampton, England toward New York City on April 10, 1912. Captain Edward J. Smith commanded the Titanic for its maiden voyage. Foreshadowing the tragic destiny of Titanic was the near collision with SS New York when Titanic’s wake caused the New York to break free of her moorings and close within four feet of Titanic before being towed away. White Star Line’s managing director and ship builder, J. Bruce Ismay and Thomas Andrews respectively, traveled on board to assist in any problems in performance of the immense ship.

Sinking of the Titanic – Causes

Sunday, April 14, 1912. Captain Smith reacted to warnings of icebergs he received over the radio on the days before, and took Titanic on a new course that detoured further south. However, at 1:45 pm, a message relayed from steam ship Amerika warned of large icebergs ahead of Titanic, but Jack Phillips and Harold Bride, wireless radio operators employed by Marconi, did not relay this message, as they only would relay messages to and from the passengers. Yet another report of several large icebergs came in from Mesaba, but this message was not relayed either.

Sinking of the Titanic – Lifeboats

The Titanic prepared the launching of its lifeboats at around 12:40 am, with a total of 20 lifeboats capable of holding 1,178 people, not nearly enough for all passengers on board. At the time, lifeboats were determined by the ship’s gross register tonnage, rather than the human capacity. The first lifeboat lowered was Lifeboat 7 on the starboard side. However, even though the lifeboat could hold 65 people, only 28 people were on board the lifeboat. The disorganized nature of lifeboat boarding cost more than a few passengers their lives

Sinking of the Titanic – The Carpathia and The Rescue (Final Minutes)

By 2:10 am, Titanic’s stern began rising from the water, exposing its propellers, and the waterline had reached the boat deck by 2:17 am. The last two lifeboats were taken off the deck with Collapsible B upside down, and Collapsible A half filled with water. Soon, the forward funnel collapsed, and smashed into the bridge and onto many people frantically floating around the water. Panicked, several passengers on the deck began jumping overboard in attempts to reach lifeboats, while others made way for the stern.

Sinking of the Titanic – The Survivors

Out of the 2,223 people aboard Titanic, only 706 people survived the disaster. Most of the deaths were caused by hypothermia from floating around in the 28 degree water. With water at this temperature, the human body can usually withstand no more than fifteen minutes. The least likely to survive were the men of the 2nd and 3rd class, and 92 percent of male passengers in second class died. Overall, only 20 percent of men survived.

Sinking of the Titanic – Burials and Memorials

The White Star Line commissioned the cable ship CS Mackay-Bennett from Halifax, Nova Scotia to fish the dead bodies of Titanic victims still afloat in the water. Three other ships helped the search, including Minia, Montmagny, and Algerine. Each ship contained embalming supplies, undertakers, and clergy members to assist in retrieval and handling of the dead. 333 victims were recovered, of which 328 were retrieved by Canadian ships, and the other five by North Atlantic steamships.

Titanic – Investigating the Disaster

Investigations into the Titanic disaster were planned before the survivors were even brought back to New York. The United States Senate brought an inquiry about on April 19, just one day after Carpathia brought the survivors to New York. The inquiry chairman in the Senate, Senator William Alden Smith, decided to round up passengers and crew for their accounts of what happened while the incident was still freshly imprinted in their minds. Smith also subpoenaed British citizens who were still on American soil, keeping them from returning to the United Kingdom until the inquiry was over on May 25.

Titanic at the Bottom of the Ocean (Rediscovering the Titanic)

Attempting to find the wreckage of Titanic, and raise her from the ocean floor, had been an idea circulating around since shortly after the sinking. Until September 1, 1985, no attempts to do so were successful. The joint American-French expedition, led by Jean-Louis Michel (Ifremer) and Dr. Robert Ballard (WHOI), managed to find the wreck by way of a side-scan sonar from Knorr and Le Suroit. The French ship Le Suroit began searching a 150-square-mile target zone on June 1985 using a deep-search sonar.

Titanic – Salvaging the Remains

Large debris comprised of ship pieces, furniture, dinnerware, and personal items were scattered over a square mile. It seems that all wood, carpet, and human remains were consumed by undersea organisms. Dr. Ballard and his team refused to bring up any artifacts from their Titanic expedition, as they deemed doing so to be grave robbing. However, international maritime law permits that artifacts must be recovered in order to establish salvage rights to a shipwreck. Since then, the Titanic has underwent a number of court cases revolving around ownership of artifacts, and the wreck site. RMS Titanic, Inc. was given rights to ownership of salvaged artifacts, and became criticized for taking items from the wreck. Approximately 6,000 artifacts were removed from the sunken Titanic, where many were put on display at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England.

Titanic – Causes of the Disaster

The Titanic was originally thought to have sunk from the iceberg cutting a gash into Titanic’s hull. However, sonar technology has discovered from the buried impact point of the ship that the iceberg actually hit the hull causing it to buckle, and thus let water flow freely into Titanic. While the steel plating used for Titanic was arguably the best carbon ship plate available at the time, detailed analysis of small pieces of the steel plating from Titanic’s wreck hull discovered that the one to one and a half inch thick plates were composed of a metallurgy that loses elasticity in icy waters, thus becoming brittle and susceptible to cracks

Titanic – The Famous Band

The band of Titanic is one of the most mysterious and legendary tales that comes from the ill fated ocean liner. Titanic’s eight-member band was led by Wallace Hartley, and upon panic of the passengers during Titanic’s sinking, assembled in the first-class lounge to play in an effort to keep everyone calm. As the ship continued to plunge, the band moved to the forward half of the boat deck, and continued playing even when their doom became apparent. All members of the Titanic band died that night while playing. However, the final song they played is still up to much debate.

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April 18th, 2010
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What to Consider When Purchasing Model Ships

April 16th, 2010

Model Ships Under Fifty Dollars

There are many things to consider when purchasing model ships. For instance, how much money are you willing to spend on your models? How is the quality of the model ship in relation to the price? Do you fancy a particular time period? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself when you are considering purchasing model ships. The price range of ship models can be anywhere from below fifty dollars to upwards of ten thousand! That is why it is important to determine how much money you are going to budget toward your hobby. As such, the quality of the ship models should also correlate well with the model ship’s price. If the ship is over a thousand dollars, and the quality of the ship seems lackluster, then it probably is not a good idea to buy it. Also, to narrow down your search for model ships you should already know which time periods speak to you. Do you like Civil War ships? How about pirate ships? Maybe you have a diverse range of tastes. Either way, once you know what to look for you are already half way there.

Consider the Amount of Money You are Willing to Spend

If you are on a low model ship budget, then offers a lot of inexpensive model ships. Specifically, there are a lot of model ships under fifty dollars, such as the seven inch Caribbean Pirate, which is only $9.99. The Caribbean Pirate is great for those not looking to spend much money, and those who are beginning to start collecting.

If your model ship budget is a bit higher, than the Carnival Destiny is a great ship for you. This model ship comes in at $179.99. This is a great mid-range model ship that you should definitely consider when purchasing model ships.

Consider the Quality of the Model Ships

Being such a inexpensive ship model, the Caribbean Pirate forgoes wood and plastic, as it is made entirely out of resin. There are not many intricate details, but it is still a very nice ship considering the price.

The Carnival Destiny is a scale replica of the actual cruise ship, and is made 100% from the finest rare woods, such as mahogany, rosewood, birch, maple, and yellow siris. The Carnival Destiny was recreated faithfully using such things as drawings, actual photos, and even the ship’s plans. The amount of detail and work that went into this ship is definitely appreciated by the price of the Carnival Destiny.

Consider the History and Culture of the Model Ships

If you are inclined toward pirate ships, then the Caribbean Pirate may seem like a sensible choice depending on your budget and quality considerations. It is a common choice for many model ship collectors, and at such a low price the Caribbean Pirate is definitely a great trinket that will humble your collection.

The Carnival Destiny is a cruise ship owned by Carnival Cruise Lines. If you are interested in cruise ships and have a higher budget to play with then this ship is definitely of quality and will match your interests.

Once all things have been considered, you can safely begin to make your decision as to which model ship(s) to purchase. These three things (budget, quality, and history) are just a few of the considerations to ponder when perusing model ships. Make sure to take your time and to thoroughly examine what you and your model ship collection are missing before you settle on a final purchase.

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How To Start a Model Ship Collection

April 14th, 2010

Mainstream Model Ships

Model ship collecting can be a thoroughly enjoyable hobby. Many people build model ships from scratch, while others build model ships by using kits or by purchasing fully assembled models. Whichever route you decide on, starting a model ship collection is a rewarding process that will consume hours of your time. Furthermore, model ship collecting is one of the oldest hobbies on Earth, and transcends both cultural and time boundaries. Therefore, collecting model ships can be a great way to learn world history and to increase cultural knowledge. Also, the models you collect will serve as historical pieces of nautical architecture and add depth to your life. Being that you are new to model ship collecting, the recommended way to start your new hobby is by purchasing pre-made ship models. To this end, the models on are fully assembled and ready to be displayed in your new collection. There are many great ship models at that will get your collection off to a roaring start, but it is up to you to decide which direction you want to start off from.

Mainstream Model Ships

If you are looking to get into model ship collecting, but know little about ships, then using a recognizable entry point would be your best bet. To this end the Titanic ship models are a great start. Hand Crafted Model Ships has many different Titanic variations ranging from forty dollars to five hundred dollars. As we all know, the Titanic was at the time the largest ship to sail the ocean. Touted as unsinkable, the Titanic met its end when it collided with an iceberg, killing 1500 of its 2200 passengers. The doomed ocean liner was propelled to even higher mainstream popularity in the blockbuster film Titanic. These model ships are perfect to get you started on your journey to collecting and appreciating model ships.

The Titanic 14″ is faithfully recreated using the same colors the ill fated original donned. At forty dollars this is the lowest priced Titanic model available through Hand Crafted Model Ships. The Titanic 32″ is a more accurately designed Titanic model than the previous one, as it requires over a hundred hours to build from scratch. The materials used on the Titanic 32″ are woods of the highest quality, such as birch, maple, and yellow siris. This replica is also a limited edition model, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Start your collection off with this limited edition Titanic model for only one hundred and seventy dollars. The highest quality Titanic model available is the Titanic 40″. This model is a much more refined version of the 32″, and includes all of the 32″s features as well as some of its own. For instance, the Titanic 40″ is adorned with hundreds of led lights that, once plugged into the wall, light up and give your model the most authentic look possible. This model ship is also a collectors item, as only one hundred will be made. The Titanic 40″ is five hundred dollars.

Starting your model ship collection is a great experience that will leave you wanting more. If you choose to go the popular ship route, then these Titanic ship models are great choices, as well as: Forest Gump – Jenny shrimp, Jaws – Orca, and The Flying Dutchman.

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Top 10 Reasons Model Ship Collecting Is The Best Hobby On Earth

April 12th, 2010

Collecting Model Ships

Model ship collecting is the best hobby on Earth for a variety of reasons. The experience of creating and collecting model ships is one that transcends cultural and historical borders. There is good reason why the hobby of model ship collecting has gone on for centuries to as far back as time can trace. Lets have a look at the top ten reasons why model ship collecting is the best hobby on Earth.

Collecting Model Ships is a Rewarding Process

Building a diverse assortment of ship models in your collection is a satisfying achievement. Being able to look at your collection and revel in its beauty is something that veteran model ship collectors take pride in, whether you built the ships yourself or purchased them pre-made.

Collecting Model Ships Gives you Cultural Insight

Model ships have been around for centuries and span many different walks of life. By collecting model ships you are in essence purchasing a piece of a culture. Such ships give insight into the cultural background of where the ship came from. This plays an important role in understanding different cultures.

Collecting Model Ships Give you Historical Knowledge

Similarly, model ships from different time periods can give you an understanding of the socio-economic conditions of the day. After you become familiar with collecting model ships from different eras you will be able to look at the architecture of ships from certain time periods, and know exactly where it came from and around what year it was built.

Collecting Model Ships is Accessible to Everyone

Model ship collecting used to be restricted to those with money. Today, you can purchase model ships at low prices that anyone can afford. This is due to the ability to mass produce model ship parts. With model ship collecting nobody should ever feel left out.

Collecting Model Ships is an Adventure

From the first model ship you purchase to the very last, every moment will be an adventure to you. Whether you are travelling from town to town in search of elusive ship models or scouring the Internet for them, you will find models on your journeys that will take your breath away.

Collecting Model Ships Encourages Art Appreciation

Model ship collecting is not merely just a hobby, but an art form as well. Collecting model ships will lead to an appreciation of nautical architecture. This type of appreciation builds character and helps you to understand the art of different cultures and time periods.

Collecting Model Ships is Fun for All Ages

Even kids can have fun collecting model ships. There are plenty of fun model ships, such as remote controlled boats, that kids will have a wonderful time with. When it comes to model ship collecting, no age is restricted!

Collecting Model Ships Gives your Home Elegance

Creating a nautical themed room can be a beautiful process. Nautical rooms, if done right, are resounding and will add style, culture, and significance to your home. For this reason, there are many options available today for choosing nautical decor.

Collecting Model Ships is One of the Oldest Hobbies on Earth

Model ship collecting has stood the test of time and is one of the worlds longest practiced hobbies. Ever since ships were introduced model ships have been right there along side them. The people have an interest in nautical architecture, and while the architecture may change, the hobby will always remain.

Collecting Model Ships is Important to History

Model ships have told us countless things about history. It is important to keep making and collecting these model ships, as one day our model ships will tell the tale of our culture and how we lived.

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April 11th, 2010
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Decorating your Nautical Room

April 9th, 2010

Nautical Decor

As a model ship collector that took your time and money to purchase the finest quality model ships available, you want your investments to be proudly displayed in a room just as enchanting as your models. It is for this reason that there are many ways to create a captivating nautical themed room. At you have access to such decor items as: compasses, diving helmets, nautical clocks, sextants, ship bells, ship wheels, spy glasses, telescopes, and more! These decor items will give your display room the authenticity that it craves. Visitors to your nautical room will be astounded by the level of dedication you have poured into your hobby, and most importantly, you will be able to revel in your delightful model ship collection in a room worthy enough to house them.

Nautical Decor

A great way to get started decorating your nautical room is to purchase a decorative brass plaque. These plaques come in six variations, and can be hung anywhere you choose. For instance, the plaque that reads “Crews Quarters” makes a great door sign that informs your guests that they are about to step into a true nautical room. For the same reason the sign that reads “Skipper” could also be used. If you want to keep your models away from the harmful effects of smoking, or just want to be ironic, then the “No Smoking” plaque will fall right into place. There are many others such as “Captain”, “Head”, and “Poop Deck” that can be used to decorate your room as well.

The Brass Porthole Hampton Nautical Mirrors are great ways to add authenticity to your room. These mirrors can be slung over your models to give the illusion that you are truly aboard a sea going vessel. Or they can be strategically placed to mirror the images of your models. Either way, they make excellent nautical additions that will compliment your model collection.

Ship Wheel Clocks are fantastic additions that go well with decorating nautical rooms. They are made out of the finest woods available, and can be bought in various sizes. Having a ship wheel in your nautical room is nearly mandatory, as it cements your dedication to the hobby and craft.

Spy Glasses are great decor items that can be kept on your desk. These little items are luxuriously designed with either leather, wood grain, or brass grips. Add a touch of class to your work bench with these decor items.

If you simply just have your model ship collection off to the side or corner of your basement then that will not do. A real model ship enthusiast will want to play up their model ship hobby and compliment it the best they can. The aforementioned items are great starter items to begin decorating your nautical room with. Visit the decor items section of to view all of the decor items available to you!

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How to Care for your Model Ships

April 7th, 2010

Display Cases

Ship models are very delicate. While model ships take hundreds of meticulous hours to create, it only takes one irresponsible second to destroy. That is why it is important to take the proper steps to insure the safety of your model ship. You must make sure that your model ship is properly cared for from the moment it begins its delivery to you, to the time that it sits proud in your collection. There are numerous ways to do so, from proper shipping to regular maintenance to using display cases. This article will inform you the right ways and options for each, so that proper safety precautions can be taken to keep your model ship secure.

Safely Shipping your Model Ships

When ordering from you are assured safe packaging and shipment. This is due to the fact that all of their tall models are tied down and surrounded by a wooden crate to hold the models securely in place. All other models are packaged tightly with Styrofoam on each side and double boxed. Hand Crafted Model Ships tests their shipping methods to ensure that your models will hold up in even the roughest travelling conditions.

Caring for your Model Ships

Taking regular care of your model ships is a must. Models will collect dust, dander, smoke, and other harmful airborne effects. In order to keep your model ship looking brand new you should know how to clean it properly without damaging it. The best way to do this is with a keyboard duster. Keyboard dusters shoot out compressed air that gets rid of dust in hard to reach places. These dusters can be found in local stores such as Wal-Mart. Also, cotton swabs are great for cleaning areas of tough dirt and grime that the duster can not remove. You should invest in cotton swabs of various length for this reason. You can use a mixture of soap and water to clean the tougher stains off, and also a bit of alcohol can help rid your model of stubborn spots. Remember to take care when cleaning as you do not want to accidentally do harm to your model.

Display Cases for Model Ships

One of the most important steps to maintaining your model ships is by keeping it encased in a display case. At Hand Crafted Model Ships you can find many different sized display cases. These cases are essential to keeping dirt and other harmful things away from your prized possessions. The display cases at Hand Crafted Model Ships usually cost $199, but if you order your display case with the purchase of a model then you can receive a $100 discount!

By following these simple tips you should be able to keep good care of your model ships so that they will last for generations. You have spent way too much time, effort, and money on your model ships to see them deteriorate with time and carelessness. Make sure that you properly maintain each and every ship model in your collection so that you won’t regret it later!

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The Best Model Ships for Children

April 5th, 2010

Ships in a Bottle

While the hobby of model ship collecting can seem a bit stuffy at times, not everything in it is so mundane. There are many model ships out there that emphasize imagination and fun above everything else. Therefore, model ships are not restricted to adults but can also be pastimes of children as well. There is also a plethora of model ships out there that appeal to children because they are mysterious, spooky, and/or simply fun to play with. Children have vivid imaginations that tend to run wild, and when paired with a model ship there are all sorts of adventures for them to get into to. From ships in a bottle, to pirate ships, to remote controlled speed boats, kids can have plenty of fun with model ships.

The Cutty Sark Ship in a Bottle

Kids love ships in bottles. The Cutty Sark Ship in a Bottle makes a great toy for your kid to share at their school’s show and tell. Other children will be fascinated and wonder how the ship managed to get inside the bottle. However, with a kids overactive mind chances are the ship in a bottle will eventually find itself afloat up a creek or stream! The Cutty Sark is only $19.99, and is 11″ in length, 4″ in width, and 5″ in height.

The Caribbean Pirate

The Caribbean Pirate is another great model ship for children. Pirate ships are fascinating to our imaginations and children will love to have and play with their very own pirate ship! The Caribbean Pirate ship is made out of resin and is painted black, white, and burgundy. This model is only $9.99, and is 7″ long, 2″ wide, and 6″ high.

The RC Chris Craft Dual Cockpit

The model ships children will love most are without a doubt the remote controlled speed boats. These boats, while expensive, offer the most fun out of all of the model ships for children. The RC Chris Craft Dual Cockpit is a fast speed craft that gets up to 25 mph! With such a high speed, children will have countless hours of fun with this speedboat. This model is also realistically created, with gauges that resemble the real thing and are not simply painted on. Furthermore, it is made from heartwood honduras mahogany, which is one of the finest mahoganies available and is usually used on actual boats. At $699, this model ship may be a little steep in the price range, but it is guaranteed that your children will have fun with it.

Usually, the best model ships for children are found to be the models that cater to the imagination and to an overall fun experience. There are many model ships out there that are suitable for children. You simply just have to figure out what your child favors and then go from there. Model ship collecting is a fun hobby and it is never too early to start!

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