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Jaws Orca Model Ship

June 8th, 2010 offers a fully assembled Jaws Orca replica model from the critically acclaimed movie Jaws. This particular model comes ready for display in your model ship collection, and goes great with other famous ships from blockbuster movies, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, for instance. The Jaws Orca model is twenty inches in length, six inches in width, and seventeen inches in height, making it a modestly sized model with ease of transportation. The amazing details of this handcrafted wooden model boat are as accurate as possible to the Jaws Orca ship that it is based on. Striking resemblances can be seen in the deck details, metal propeller, and wooden sorting tray. The finished model is attached with a nameplate on a wooden base, and features “Orca” painted on the back of the boat.

Take a look at the attention to detail displayed when seeing the real Orca from the movie compared with the model from Handcrafted Model Ships:

The Real Orca From Jaws

The Real Orca From Jaws

Jaws Orca Model From Handcrafted Model Ships

Jaws Orca Model From Handcrafted Model Ships

Jaws The Movie – Critical Reception

Jaws is a critically acclaimed film from 1975 directed by Steven Spielberg. It won Academy Awards in the categories of Film Editing, Music, and Sound. In 2008, Jaws was deemed the fifth greatest film ever made, by Empire magazine. Furthermore, the United States Library of Congress voted Jaws to be “culturally significant”, and had it preserved in the National Film Registry.

Jaws – Plot

The new police chief of an island resort town, Amity, finds the washed up body of a summer vacationer. The cause was determined to be from a shark, but the Mayor instead has it ruled a motorboat accident, so as not to deter the 4th of July tourists. When the bodies start piling up, a shark hunter by the name of Quint offers to kill the shark for $10,000, but is turned down by the money hungry mayor. When another shark is caught and killed, the mayor celebrates, believing it to be the shark responsible for the grizzly killings. However, that is not the case, as more people fall victim to the real culprit’s deadly teeth. Finally, the mayor hires Quint to hunt the shark, who gathers a crew and sets off in the Orca ship to track down and kill the great white.

The Jaws Orca – Creating History

Jaws became the first film to usher in the “summer blockbuster” Hollywood trend. Traditionally, films would open slowly by showing in select theaters in select cities. However, Jaws used a national marketing campaign which utilized television advertising to open Jaws on hundreds of screens across the country simultaneously. Due to these unheard of practices, Jaws is forever credited as being a historical film in the context of changing the film industry.

The Orca model ship offered at is a brilliant model ship that not only will reflect your love of the film Jaws, but will also allow you to have a piece of the cultural phenomena that is Jaws. This model ship will sit proudly among the other movie ships in your collection, and let visitors to your nautical room know that you appreciate both a good film, and a good model.

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Titanic at the Bottom of the Ocean – Rediscovering the Titanic

June 3rd, 2010

RMS Titanic Models are best kept off the bottom of the ocean.

Attempting to find the wreckage of Titanic, and raise her from the ocean floor, had been an idea circulating around since shortly after the sinking. Until September 1, 1985, no attempts to do so were successful. The joint American-French expedition, led by Jean-Louis Michel (Ifremer) and Dr. Robert Ballard (WHOI), managed to find the wreck by way of a side-scan sonar from Knorr and Le Suroit. The French ship Le Suroit began searching a 150-square-mile target zone on June 1985 using a deep-search sonar. Le Suroit covered 80 percent of the zone, with the American ship Knorr covering the remaining 20 percent. Titanic was discovered at a depth of 2.5 miles, and more than 370 miles south-east of Mistaken Point, Newfoundland. This was about 13 miles from where fourth officer Joseph Boxhall determined where Titanic was originally located. Ballards crew used approximately 2.33 miles worth of rope in their attempt at surfacing Titanic. In 1986, the first manned dives to the wreck were conducted by Ballard in the submersible Alvin.

In 1982, Ballard requested funding from the U.S. Navy for his Titanic project, but was only given it on the condition that he first examine the sunken U.S. nuclear submarines USS Thresher and USS Scorpion in a covert manner. The discovery of Titanic’s wreckage led to arguments of whether or not she had split during her descent being put to rest at last, as it was visibly seen that she, indeed, did split apart. The stern lied about 600 meters away from the bow, and faced opposing directions. Her bow had hit the ocean floor under the fore peak, and went sixty feet deep into the ocean floor silt. The bow was still mostly intact, aside from parts of the hull that had collapsed. The collision apparently had forced water out of Titanic through its hull, blowing off one of the steel covers weighing about ten thousand tons. The stern section appeared to be in worse condition than the bow, as it had been torn apart during its descent most likely. This is probably due to air that was trapped inside of it being antagonized by conflicting pressures between the outside and inside, causing an implosion. Damage was likely increased due to the sudden collision with the ocean floor, causing the decks of the stern to collapse.

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Titanic – The Famous Band

June 1st, 2010

Titanic Model Ships are shipped with everything except the band.
The band of Titanic is one of the most mysterious and legendary tales that comes from the ill fated ocean liner. Titanic’s eight-member band was led by Wallace Hartley, and upon panic of the passengers during Titanic’s sinking, assembled in the first-class lounge to play in an effort to keep everyone calm. As the ship continued to plunge, the band moved to the forward half of the boat deck, and continued playing even when their doom became apparent. All members of the Titanic band died that night while playing. However, the final song they played is still up to much debate.

Mrs. Vera Dick, a first-class Canadian passenger reported that the final song played by the band was the hymn “Nearer, My God, to Thee”. However, reports indicate that Mrs. Dick had left by way of lifeboat an hour and twenty minutes previously, and could not have been there to witness the final song played by the band. Although, the band’s leader, Hartley, did say once to a friend that if he were on a sinking ship, “Nearer, My God, to Thee” would be among the songs he would play. Harold Bride, one of the wireless operators, reported in 1912 that he had heard the song “Autumn” just before the ship sunk to the depths of the sea. This account of Harold Bride was popularized in the Walter Lord book A Night to Remember. Despite this, neither the hymn “Autumn”, or the closest version to it, waltz “Song d’Automne”, were in the White Star Line songbook for the band. This still remains the best testimonial as Bride was the only person who could have possibly heard the band’s last song, as he floated off the deck just before the ship went down.

The questioning of whether or not the band played “Nearer, My God, to Thee” as their final farewell is thought to have originated as a myth from the wrecking of SS Valencia in 1906 in Canada, which may have had an impact on Mrs. Dick’s selective memory. Furthermore, two versions for “Nearer, My God, to Thee” exist, including a British version and an American version that have very different musical settings. In the film A Night to Remember, the British version is used; while the 1953 film Titanic incorporates the American version as its swan song.

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