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Handcrafted Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

May 31st, 2012

It’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day, because June 17th is just around the corner. Here are some great gift ideas for yours that he’ll treasure for years to come.

Model of USS Constitution Since a lot of dads are military history buffs, why not get them a handcrafted model of a famous ship from the Age of Sail? Something like the USS Constitution – the famed American warship from the Revolutionary War that’s still with us today. Of course, if your father’s focus is more Civil War era, how about a model of either the Monitor or the Merrimack – also known as the USS Virginia? Handcrafted model ships are a great way to add a touch of class and decor to any setting – be it office or home. Furthermore, it will be a great conversation piece, inevitably bringing mention of you when the proud papa says, “My kid got me this!”

Is your father a fisherman? Then his thoughts are probably never far from his rod and reel. Why not get him a model fishing boat to rekindle the nostalgia of his last fishing trip while eagerly awaiting the next? As for dads whose imaginations have been captured by boating in general, Hand Crafted Model Ships has categories for speedboats and sailboats and even yachts. These hobbies can be rather expensive, with their cost often limiting the amount of time your father can truly enjoy them. By giving him a handcrafted model boat relevant to his favorite pastime, you’re providing an everyday escape, so he can revisit his beloved activity until the next actual excursion.

While we’re on the topic of handcrafted model ships, you might also consider the incredible RMS Titanic – which will always be a classic. As the centennial of its ill-fated maiden voyage just passed 12 April 2012, it’s on the minds and Twitter feeds of many a hobbyist and historian. Being one of the most readily recognizable ships in history, it’s never far from societal consciousness. The handcrafted model version of the Titanic comes in a variety – including a 40″ remote-controlled, with the added bonus that it won’t sink!

Speaking of RC boats, those are another wonderful gift idea for fathers seeking something more active than a lovely conversation piece. RC boats provide a built-in activity for you and your father to get together and enjoy “sailing” on the “high seas” of the local lake or swimming pool.

When we reflect back on the lives and legacies of our parents, it is these shared experiences and memories that often prove the most poignant. In that way, gifts which allow for these shared activities and time to be spent together enrich both of your lives in ways that are truly priceless. And, really, isn’t that what Father’s Day is all about?

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Whale Wars is Here

May 15th, 2012

Handcrafted Model Ships is pleased to announce that it’s been chosen by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to carry a line of 14″ model ships based on its current fleet: the Steve Irwin, the Brigitte Bardot, and the Bob Barker. This is to coincide with the fifth season premiere of Whale Wars: Viking Shores on Animal Planet; a series which follows the adventures of the Sea Shepherd fleet as they attempt to thwart whaling efforts in the Faroe Islands off the shores of Norway.

Models of Sea Shepherd Ships Brigitte Bardot and Steve Irwin

Avid environmentalists and show supporters are invited to purchase a 14″ model of their favorite vessel to raise awareness regarding global whaling. Considering the close collaboration between the Society and Handcrafted Model Ships, each is endorsed and authorized, and designed from the actual plans of the ships after which they were modeled. It’s as close as you’re gonna get to the famous boats themselves without putting on a raincoat and signing an NDA. As an added bonus, they’re constructed with actual parts from their namesake ships.

That’s right – the model Bob Barker has actual pieces of the Bob Barker boat – but, thankfully, not the man. So, come on down!

Model of the Bob Barker of Sea Shepherd

Doesn’t he make a handsome ship? Not to mention, the price is right.

Still holding out on buying these beauties? Half of the profits from each sale go directly to the Society. You may not be aboard the ship, but you’re still fighting for the cause, and, as you’d expect, each model is made from soft woods and other eco-friendly materials. Not only are you giving to a good cause, but you’re also helping to save the environment.

Better hurry, though, as there is a limited run of 1000 for each of these ships, enhancing their collectability. After that, they’re all gone.

Model of the Steve Irwin of Sea Shepherd

Now let’s have a look at the ship which started it all – the Steve Irwin. Clearly named for the late world-renowned conservationist best known as “The Crocodile Hunter”, it’s the ship upon which the show was founded and the only one featured in the first two seasons of Whale Wars. Like its late namesake, it’s seen more than its fair share of the action. In the second season, actress Daryl Hannah even served aboard it with distinction, and the Steve Irwin continues to be the flagship of the Sea Shepherd fleet – the lynchpin of anti-whaling endeavors.

Model of the Brigitte Bardot of Sea Shepherd

But even Steve has to step aside for the grace of the Brigitte Bardot; arguably the most beautiful of the fleet, akin to the Hollywood starlet for which she was named. Fans of the series recall when the Ady Gil endured a terrible collision with Japanese whaling vessel Shonan Maru II. It couldn’t survive the damages, however, and was soon deemed lost to the fleet, abandoned and sunk.

Like the Ady Gil, the Brigitte Bardot is a similarly-designed trimaran, but twice as large, she’s less likely to suffer her predecessor’s fate. While the impact of a rogue 36 foot wave did crack her hull, resulting in her nearly losing a pontoon, Steve safely escorted her back to port. Now having undergone repairs, Brigitte is again sailing the high-seas.

But her namesake, brought to you by Handcrafted Model Ships, is better suited to a starring role in your home or office. Then you can both support her mighty counterpart as she takes down the whalers with beauty, style – and, of course – the brave environmentalists of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

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