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Handcrafted Model Ships to Attend Dana Point Tall Ships Festival

September 5th, 2012

Picture of a model of the Queen Anne's RevengeAhoy, landlubbers and scallywags! Now’s your chance to come aboard!

This weekend, September 7-9, 2012 is the Tall Ships Festival in Dana Point, California where there will be assembled a collection of sailing vessels from all over the globe.

Come on down and see a mock-cannon naval battle, chat with some pirates, (and it’s not even Talk Like A Pirate Day!) and, best of all, meet the master builder himself, craftsman Richard Norris – the mastermind of Handcrafted Model Ships. As a tip, before heading down to Dana Point, practice your pirate parlance. The internet can help you here because of International “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” Receiving instruction on how to talk like a pirate can make it second nature in no time… laddie. Now you can seek out Mr. Norris and impress him with your pirate-speak, which is something of which he never gets tired.

Don’t worry about seeming like a poseur. After all, this is about letting loose and having some fun, right? Nobody’s really a Caribbean pirate or knight of the realm. Of course, you also don’t want to be that guy in flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt, winking and pointing at the hula dancers going, “Arr, Mateys!” which, at a distance, just looks like you’re a confused transient. (And, yes, there will be hula dancers.)

So, put some thought into it. Don a costume, put on an accent. After all, Halloween’s just around the corner, so consider it practice.

Besides the obvious fun of costumed dramatics, swashbuckling and cannonades, it’s a great opportunity to get that Handcrafted Model Ship you’ve been eying for a while now. (Don’t lie. Like a Jamaican gypsy stowaway, we can see into your soul.)

We know you don’t want to pass up the chance to have the Handcrafted Model Ship you’ve always wanted sold to you by Richard Norris himself; a rare opportunity, as he’ll be readily available right at the show to answer any of your questions, whether it’s about our wonderfully large inventory, how the man himself has crafted these beautiful ships. Did I mention there’ll also be discounts of up to 70% off? Huzzah, indeed!

Model ships are a must-have at this event, and topping our list for 2012 is the Queen Anne’s Revenge. (Hey, you’d be pretty teed off if your husband had you beheaded, too!)

Oh, wait – wrong Anne? Nevermind. While her beef may’ve been lost to history, one thing’s undeniable: the ship which bears her name (and ire) has a fascinating history, as the one chosen by the notorious pirate Blackbeard. You’ll also notice her striking resemblance to the aptly named “Black Pearl”, captained by none other than Jack Sparrow in the Disney “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. So, she’s the quintessential pirate’s ship – and waiting to set sail in your living room.

Picture of a model of the USS Constitution

Feeling patriotic as election time draws near?

Bring aboard the Handcrafted Model Ship of the USS Constitution. As it just recently sailed again under its own power, it’s an excellent, timeless example of American ingenuity and craftsmanship. Go, U.S.A!

Named by none other than George Washington, it’s the only ship from its era still in active service as a part of the modern U.S. Navy. Over the course of its more than two centuries of history, it defended American merchant shipping in the Mediterranean, defeated British rival ship HMS Guerriere in the War of 1812, and served as an American ambassador of goodwill once the Age of Sail had come to a close. Wow.

Talk about your mascot for liberty, freedom of enterprise and longevity. It’s the USS Constitution all the way!

So, why not don some pirate digs, fly some colors, grab a cutlass and annoy your pet parrot by incessantly asking if it’d like the saltine you found in the sofa cushion?

You’ll be much better received by the folks down at Dana Point – especially at the Handcrafted Model Ships booth.

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Excitement at Dana Point Tall Ship Festival!

October 5th, 2011

Early last month, September 10th and 11th, Handcrafted Model Ships was delighted to take part in the annual Dana Point Tall Ship Festival! Though a little rain started the day, sunny skies prevailed and the festival took off to great success. With most of the company on hand, including a very special appearance by Captain Dick himself, we all enjoyed the company of many new friends, a few familiar faces, and everyone involved in making this fabulous festival happen. Over two days we were able to display various ship models and discuss them in person with the ship enthusiasts who had come out for a day of sailing fun, history, and beautiful Southern California weather. As the majority of our business takes place online, these festivals are always a welcomed respite from the office, allowing us a chance to meet our customers in person, and perhaps give fans a chance to talk one on one with Captain Dick.

Aside from our booth, practically overflowing with the numerous ship models and other amazing nautical décor, yummy food booths provided perfect afternoon snacks, while tours were available aboard a few fantastic sailing vessels! It was truly amazing seeing all of the attendees in proud sailing spirit; some completely decked out in full pirate regalia! And you all thought Captain Jack Sparrow was only in the movies…anyway, a very festive mood was in the air, with people of all ages, from children to grandparents, all having a wonderful time exploring, shopping, and stopping in to visit and talk about our models.

There’s not much more one can ask for; good company, great weather, delicious food, and the serene Pacific stretching out into the distance. It was great to soak in the sun, get lost in the enchanting atmosphere, and really it’s always an incredible feeling talking with our customers in person, putting a face to a name, and truly getting to know them all. We love getting feedback, and especially seeing faces light up when we show off our new ship models, or just hanging out and talking shop, chatting about sailing. Though it was only a brief two days, we thoroughly enjoyed out time in beautiful Dana Point, had a blast touring the magnificent ships at port, snacking on the amazing food there, and of course talking about the thing we love most – Sailing!

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How to Care for your Model Ships

April 7th, 2010

Display Cases

Ship models are very delicate. While model ships take hundreds of meticulous hours to create, it only takes one irresponsible second to destroy. That is why it is important to take the proper steps to insure the safety of your model ship. You must make sure that your model ship is properly cared for from the moment it begins its delivery to you, to the time that it sits proud in your collection. There are numerous ways to do so, from proper shipping to regular maintenance to using display cases. This article will inform you the right ways and options for each, so that proper safety precautions can be taken to keep your model ship secure.

Safely Shipping your Model Ships

When ordering from you are assured safe packaging and shipment. This is due to the fact that all of their tall models are tied down and surrounded by a wooden crate to hold the models securely in place. All other models are packaged tightly with Styrofoam on each side and double boxed. Hand Crafted Model Ships tests their shipping methods to ensure that your models will hold up in even the roughest travelling conditions.

Caring for your Model Ships

Taking regular care of your model ships is a must. Models will collect dust, dander, smoke, and other harmful airborne effects. In order to keep your model ship looking brand new you should know how to clean it properly without damaging it. The best way to do this is with a keyboard duster. Keyboard dusters shoot out compressed air that gets rid of dust in hard to reach places. These dusters can be found in local stores such as Wal-Mart. Also, cotton swabs are great for cleaning areas of tough dirt and grime that the duster can not remove. You should invest in cotton swabs of various length for this reason. You can use a mixture of soap and water to clean the tougher stains off, and also a bit of alcohol can help rid your model of stubborn spots. Remember to take care when cleaning as you do not want to accidentally do harm to your model.

Display Cases for Model Ships

One of the most important steps to maintaining your model ships is by keeping it encased in a display case. At Hand Crafted Model Ships you can find many different sized display cases. These cases are essential to keeping dirt and other harmful things away from your prized possessions. The display cases at Hand Crafted Model Ships usually cost $199, but if you order your display case with the purchase of a model then you can receive a $100 discount!

By following these simple tips you should be able to keep good care of your model ships so that they will last for generations. You have spent way too much time, effort, and money on your model ships to see them deteriorate with time and carelessness. Make sure that you properly maintain each and every ship model in your collection so that you won’t regret it later!

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How To Display A Model Ship

March 4th, 2010

Model Ship Display Cases and Tables

Model Ship Display Cases and Tables


The experience of owning a model ship is one of grand prestige and admiration, so it’s only fitting that this prized possession be properly displayed for further inspection and appreciation. Often the right method of display depends on the size and style of the model.

Model Ship Display Shelves

While many model ships do some with a stand to place them on for better display and signification, often the model is then placed on a shelf for better visibility. While bookshelves are popular for this type of display, the use of wall mounted model ship display selves are becoming increasingly popular. They’re easy to assemble and are especially good for rooms with very little regular shelving space.

As these shelves do leave the ship exposed to the open air, it is important that your model is regularly dusted and cleaned to prevent gradual deterioration. Genuine wood shelves are often already treated with a stain. To further preserve the life of your shelf, you should treat it with a little linseed oil which will soak into the wood and over time will harden to protect the wood from dents and scratches while also preserving the wood’s moisture.

Model Ship Display Cases

If you would rather not have to deal with the constant maintenance of cleaning your model ship, a large model ship display case enclosed in either glass or Plexiglas is also an option. These cases come in a variety of sizes and shapes to perfectly fit the type of ship you own. They also are manufactured in an array of materials, though most ship model collectors tend to prefer wooden cases due to their more traditional appeal.

Even with your model in an enclosed environment, it should be removed from the case for periodical preservation. Another thing to keep in mind is that the wood from display cases can lead to acid migration which can slowly corrode fabrics and paper. It’s best to places a small sheet of Mylar underneath your display and to allow for air flow in order to alleviate the build up of acid fumes.

Model Ship Display Tables

Perhaps your model ship is too large for proper display on a regular shelf or in a bookcase. In this case, there are model ship display tables specifically made to hold these substantial works of art. These tables are often easy to assemble and come in a variety of wood finishes to match your home decor.

As with shelves, you will need to clean your model frequently and properly treat the wood table to keep it beautiful for longer. Also, the table should be kept in a place where pets and/or small children will not have easy access to it to prevent further damage.

Model Ship Display Table & Case Combinations

If you prefer, there is also the option to have a model ship display table and case together. Purchasing these items as a set means that you will have a beautiful and seamless way to show off your model. If purchased from the same manufacturer, you will have a case that fits perfectly fit on top of your table and prevent it from falling off.

Whichever way you prefer to exhibit your fine ship model, we know that you’ll find the one that fits you and your home or office best.

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