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African Queen Model Ship

October 1st, 2010

In 1935 British author C.S. Forester released his Masterpiece The African Queen. It tells the story of two missionaries who fall in love and use the only thing they have, their boat, The African Queen, to defeat the Germans who are occupying Africa during World War I. The novel was met with such acclaim that two of the world’s most famous actors, Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn made it into a movie in 1951. Like the book, The African Queen the movie had wild success in American and British box offices. The movie was so highly regarded that it led to Bogart winning the Academy Award for Best Actor, his first and only Oscar. Furthermore, the success of the movie and the famous African Queen ship, were selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry.

Ship from The African Queen Movie

Make the American classic movie, The African Queen, come alive by owing an exact replica model ship by Handcrafted Model Ships. Die hard classic movie buffs know the African Queen as the ship where the entire plot of the movie unfolds. It is where Humphrey Bogart plays weathered boat captain Charlie Allnut, and Katherine Hepburn stars as the beautiful, yet determined, missionary Rose Sayer. So loved is the African Queen Ship that the original boat still exists today and is docked in Key Largo, Florida. And furthermore, The African Queen is officially listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places. Obviously, incorporating a model ship of such historical and cinematic significance into your home collection is not an opportunity to be missed.

Authentic African Queen Replica

Creating The Best African Queen Replica

There is a reason why serious model ship collectors are consistently choosing to add the Handcrafted Model Ship (HMS) version of the African Queen to their personal collections. For starters, movie lovers and model ship enthusiasts alike have a desire for perfection. They are simply not satisfied with a toy ship that contains the words “African Queen” printed on the box. No, they demand detail and craftsmanship. The replica of The African Queen delivers on both fronts. The HMS version looks exactly as the boat from the movie does; everything from the hull shape, to the British flag flying high atop the mast of the ship. Furthermore, the boat is wooden like the real African Queen ship, and sports the African Queen name written on the starboard side of the bow. Also, to stay true to the movie and the original African Queen ship, the oxygen tanks that were used to make the ship into a torpedo and defeat the Germans are also included in the HMS African Queen Model. Needless to say, no detail was over looked, and the African Queen replica is sure to please the even the most demanding of fans.

The African Queen Boat Model Makes A Special Addition To Any Collection

No model ship collector or movie fan should be without the African Queen model ship. It brings together a timeless American classic movie with excellence in model shipbuilding that only Handcrafted Model Ships provides. As our customers already know, ordering is a cinch, and the African Queen will arrive at your door fully assembled and ready to be displayed. Order today and own a piece of cinematic and nautical history.

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United States Coast Guard Tug Boat Model

September 29th, 2010

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is one of seven different branches in the armed services of America. It was established on August 4, 1790, by Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton and from that day forth has kept the waters off the shores of the Untied States secure. Matter of fact, the USCG is the United States’ oldest continuously operating seagoing service. Presently, the Coast Guide functions under the Department of Homeland Security during peacetime, and serves primarily to carry out maritime safety, security, and stewardship. Also, the USCG is one of the only divisions of the U.S. military that has the authority to undertake missions both domestically and abroad. This becomes obvious when it is the Coast Guard who often responds when an SOS call is sent out from a ship in distress.

Tug Boat From The USCG

Since the United States Coast Guard is charged with the double duty of protecting the waters inside and outside of the United States, they employ a variety of ships. Yet, one of the most versatile and visible ships in the Coast Guards fleet is the USCG tugboat. More often than not, it is the Coast Guard who must tow ashore distressed ships that can no longer navigate under their own power. Thus, the tugboat is the best possible tool for making sure that damaged ships are able to reach shore safely. Furthermore, it is the Coast Guard’s tugboat that bears the responsibility for towing out to sea larger ships that patrol the oceans, including naval destroyers. Seeing that the USCG’s tugboat is one of the hardest working and most recognizable ships in the armed services of the United States, why not include it as part of your model ship collection?

Authentic Coast Guard Tug Boat Replica

Creating A Perfect United States Coast Guard Tug Boat Replica

Fortunately, Handcrafted Model Ships (HMS) has undertaken the task of fabricating an incredibly accurate replica of the CG’s tugboat. This way, not only will members of the Coast Guard and their friends and family seek to own HMS’s Coast Guard tugboat, but serious model ship collectors will as well. The tugboat was constructed as an exact 1:35 scale model relative to the actual boat the Coast Guard employs. Moreover, HMS built its USCG tugboat replica using the official plans and pictures of the tugboats that serve today. Finally, the replica was painstakingly painted to the same specs as the real boat. As always, the model ship comes fully assembled and ready to be displayed with a complementary base-stand.

The USCG Tug Boat Model Makes A Special Addition To Any Collection

No model ship collector or maritime enthusiast should be without the Untied States Coast Guard Tug Boat replica. It brings together an invaluable American military ship with the excellence in model shipbuilding that only Handcrafted Model Ships provides. As our customers already know, ordering could not be easier, and the USCG tugboat will arrive at your door looking just as it does on the website and ready to be admired. Order today and own a United States Coast Guard keepsake.

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Forrest Gumps’ Jenny Shrimp Boat

September 27th, 2010

In 1994, Director Robert Zemeckis and Paramount Pictures released an instant American classic film, Forrest Gump. Never before had a movie captured the most formative period in United States’ history , from the early 1950s to the late 1960s, in such and interesting and moving way. Forrest Gump rang so true and moved so many people that it grossed over $670 million dollars in theaters worldwide. In fact, Forrest Gump was so acclaimed that it received thirteen Academy Award nominations and won seven Oscars, including for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Leading Actor. As with all great movies, certain scenes having a last affect in pop-culture, this is no different with Forrest Gump. Who could forget about the Bubba-Gump Shrimp Company Forrest started with Lieutenant Dan in honor of their fallen friend Bubba? Still today, people happily utter Bubba-Gump shrimp every time they see a shrimping boat.

Ship From Forrest Gump

Tom Hank’s Oscar winning portrayal of the slow, yet loveable, Forrest Gump invokes many fond memories for movie lovers around the world. One of the most memorable parts of the movie was when Forrest decides to make his fortune catching shrimp in Louisiana. Of course, Forrest named his boat after his one true love, Jenny. The Jenny Fishing Boat, has to be one of the most well known boats in the history of American cinema. What could be better than celebrating your love for Forrest Gump than with your own personal model of the Jenny Fishing boat? Handcrafted Model Ships (HMS) has just that, an impressive exact replica of the boat from Forrest Gump.

Authentic Jenny Fishing Ship

Creating The Perfect Jenny Fishing Boat Replica

Handcrafted Model Ships is not just offering any old replica to the Forrest Gump fans, no they are offering a precise work of art. The Jenny Fishing Boat comes to you looking exactly as it does in the movie. Everything from the paint scheme, to the spotlight on the cabin, to the safety buoy, are included. Yet, most notably, the HMS Forrest Gump boat includes the large trademark fishing nets that Forrest and Lieutenant Dan so diligently worked with to fill the boat with shrimp. Upon laying your eyes on it, you will know that the HMS Jenny Fishing Boat is the real deal. For those of you who are collectors, you will be happy to know that the Forrest Gump ship comes fully assembled and with a display stand.

The Forrest Gump Boat Model Makes A Special Addition To Any Collection

Simply put, no model ship collector or movie fan should be without the Forrest Gump model ship. It brings together a timeless American classic movie with excellence in model shipbuilding that only Handcrafted Model Ships provides. Who doesn’t smile when they think of Forrest working hard to catch shrimp on his beloved Jenny Fishing boat? It is a must-have in any collection. As our customers already know, ordering is a cinch, and the Forrest Gump boat will arrive at your door fully assembled and ready to be displayed. Order today and own a piece of cinematic and nautical history.

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Gilligan’s Island SS Minnow Model Ship

September 24th, 2010

When you think of classic television programs, which shows come to mind? It’s probably safe to say that Gilligan’s Island would be near the top of anyone’s list. After all, how could anyone forget the catchy theme song known as “The Ballad of Gilligan’s Isle.” Even today, young and old alike love to joke around by singing the famous three hour tour theme song chorus when starting out on a trip whether it be on land or by sea. And who cold forget the famous SS Minnow boat that wrecked on an island somewhere in the south pacific stranding Gilligan, The Skipper and the rest of the gang? The Gilligan’s Island SS Minnow is undeniably more than just a TV prop, it is a piece of American’s golden age of television.

Ship from Gilligan’s Island

Even though TV magic would have us believe that the show was filmed in the Hawaii or another tropical pacific location, it was really shot at CBS television studios in California. For those of you who don’t know, there were actually several SS Minnows used throughout the filming of Gillian’s Island. Footage of one of the SS Minnow boats, the ship using in the opening credits, was taped from a boat actually stationed in Hawaii. Another boat was brought to the TV set from Hawaii, and the third was actually built in the CBS studios for the purposes of the show. Yet, the most famous Gilligan’s Island SS Minnow, and the one that still exists today, was originally named the Bluejacket and was used primarily for the second and third seasons of Gilligan’s Island. This SS Minnow is still functional and is docked on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. It is now used mainly as a tourist attraction. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time or the funds to make it to Vancouver Island, and that is why Handcrafted Model Ship’s (HMS) SS Minnow replica is the prefect solution to incorporating a nautical memento of Gilligan’s Island into your life.

Authentic SS Minnow Replica

Making A Great SS Minnow Replica

As with all products from HMS, the Gillian’s Island SS Minnow is an exact replica. Even the biggest classic TV aficionados will realize how accurate the replica is as soon as they lay eyes on it. The Minnow comes complete with matching blue and white paint, just as the boat exhibits in the show, and the of the smallest details like the hanging life buoy and ships’ cabin were not forgotten. Better yet, the SS Minnow comes completely assembled and ready to display, with the base-stand included. Owning a ship that so perfectly resembles the boat from Gilligan’s Island is a sure-fire way to have a conversation starter in your collection that everyone will be interested in.

The Gilligan’s Boat Model Makes A Special Addition To Any Collection

What could be a better gift or addition to a collection than combing two American pastimes? Millions of us love of the sea, and all things nautical, as well as the silver screen. This is exactly what customers will be getting with the SS Minnow replica; a passion for the sea meets a timeless piece of Americana. There is no reason to delay, the boat is a work of art, and Gilligan’s Island is still as adored today as it was in the 1960s. Take advantage of this opportunity and order the Gilligan’s Island SS Minnow model ship from Handcrafted Model Ships today.

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Civil War Ships – Monitor Model Ship

September 22nd, 2010

When Civil War enthusiasts and history buff alike think of famous naval battles of the Civil War, what usually comes to mind? Of course, it could be none other than the fierce battle between ironclad ships. That’s right, on March 9th, 1862 the Union’s newly constructed Monitor met the Confederate’s USS Virginia (also known as the Merrimack), at the Battle of Hampton Roads at the mouth of the James River. For months, the USS Virginia had been terrorizing the traditional wooden ships of the Union forces. In order to put a stop to this the Union made an ironclad ship of their own, The Monitor. Historically, this was a very important battle because the Confederates were using their powerful ironclad USS Virginia to sink Union ships and break through the crucial Union naval blockade of Virginia. In order to maintain the blockade and naval supremacy the Union new it needed its own ironclad ship. So was born the Monitor.

The Monitor Ironclad Boat

Even though the Monitor and USS Virginia blasted away at each other for hours, neither was able to overtake the other. Historians tell that this was the result of both ships being well protected by their iron armor. Yet, strategically, it was considered a victory of the Monitor. Not only did the Monitor act as the counter to the Confederate’s ironclad ship, but also upheld the Union naval blockade of Virginia. Therefore, the Union cheered the battle as a victory and historians marked the battle as great leap forward in naval technology. Seeing that the Monitor is such in important vessel for both boat lovers and history aficionados, what better way is there to commemorate groundbreaking ship than with an authentic replica? In that case, Handcrafted Model Ships (HMS) is at your service with the official Monitor Civil War model ship.

Authentic Monitor Replica

Crafting The Perfect Monitor Replica

As will all ships from HMS the Monitor replica is top-notch. This Monitor ship is not a model ship kit, it comes 100% assembled and ready to be displayed. The ship’s exact dimensions are 21″ long x 5″ Wide x 7″ High (1:98 scale), the perfect size for viewing as well as being easily placed inside a collector’s showcase. This Monitor replica was fabricated using the photos, drawings, and plans from the original ship. No detail was sparred, everything from the iron rivets that cover the boat to the genuine cloth Union flag are included in this Monitor replica. Furthermore, the trademark turrets from where the Monitor fired upon its enemies are also present on HMS’s Monitor ship.

The Civil War Monitor Ship Model Makes A Special Addition To Any Collection

No model ship collector or history buff should be without the Monitor model ship. This replica brings together a pivotal moment in American history with excellence in model shipbuilding. Truly, this is something only Handcrafted Model Ships can provide. As our customers already know, ordering is a cinch, and the Monitor will arrive at your door looking just they way it does on the web site. Order today and own a piece of US Civil War and nautical history.

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Top Ship Models for Serious Collectors

April 2nd, 2010

Top Model Ships for Serious Collectors

Nowadays, anyone can become a model ship collector. What used to be an expensive hobby has become put into the hands of anyone who wants to join. You can find model ships for as low as $9.99. However, for serious model ship collectors those models just will not cut the mustard. Real model ship collectors know, however, that it is not about price, but rather about the quality, time invested, and limited scope of the model. A great model ship is diligently worked on by master artisans and created from the finest materials around. Many of the best model ships are often limited editions because they are so intricate in design that the designer can only create so many. This article will take a look at some of the top ship models for serious collectors.

The USS Constitution Limited Edition

The USS Constitution is a great ship model for serious collectors. Upon purchase you are given a Certificate of Authenticity signed by master artisan Richard Norris. Only fifty models of the USS Constitution will ever be made. This ship model is intricately designed and hand painted to accurately match the actual ship. It is built with rare woods such as cherry, walnut, oak, birch, and maple. Each model takes hundreds of hours to build by master craftsmen. This is due to realistic touches such as twenty-three hand stitched sails, an actual copper plated hull, and fully built lifeboats. The USS Constitution comes in at 38″ in length, 10″ in width, and 28″ in height. For all the details and work that goes into the USS Constitution you would be surprised to learn that it is only $599!

The RC Ferrari Hydroplane

The RC Ferrari Hydroplane is an excellent model ship for the serious collector looking for a great remote controlled model. This model is designed in the image of its real life counterpart and is meticulously painted to match. Furthermore, the Hydroplane even comes with plush leather seats reminiscent of the actual ship. The dashboard is even equipped with real looking gauges that are not merely painted on. Each strip of wood on the hull is laid down one at a time to ensure a quality product that is pleasing to both eye and touch. Also, when using its remote control function the Hydroplane can go up to 25 mph! Therefore this model is great for serious collectors looking to get a little fun out of their model ship collection. The RC Ferrari Hydroplane comes in at 32″ in length, 8″ in width, and 11″ inches in height. At $699 this model is a bit pricey, but for the serious model ship collector money should not be an object.

The San Felipe Special

The San Felipe is a one of a kind model that every serious model ship collector should be interested in. But act fast, because there is only one model available! The details that went into the creation of the San Felipe model are staggering. This model ship is made from the highest quality woods; its canvas sails have been starched to keep them in place; and the deck is littered with cannon ball racks, wooden grates, rudder chains, and an authentic lifeboat. This model took hundreds of hours to complete from scratch (no kits) by master craftsmen. The San Felipe is a grandiose 60″ in length, 24″ in width, and 54″ in height. For something so rare and so beautiful, the San Felipe’s price tag of $7999 is completely worth it!

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Official Handcrafted Model Ships Blog Launched

January 1st, 2010

2010 is here, and we felt a great start to the year would be to start a blog to catalog and share all the growth, fun and activities that happen here at Handcrafted Model Ships.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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