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Top 10 Reasons Model Ship Collecting Is The Best Hobby On Earth

April 12th, 2010

Collecting Model Ships

Model ship collecting is the best hobby on Earth for a variety of reasons. The experience of creating and collecting model ships is one that transcends cultural and historical borders. There is good reason why the hobby of model ship collecting has gone on for centuries to as far back as time can trace. Lets have a look at the top ten reasons why model ship collecting is the best hobby on Earth.

Collecting Model Ships is a Rewarding Process

Building a diverse assortment of ship models in your collection is a satisfying achievement. Being able to look at your collection and revel in its beauty is something that veteran model ship collectors take pride in, whether you built the ships yourself or purchased them pre-made.

Collecting Model Ships Gives you Cultural Insight

Model ships have been around for centuries and span many different walks of life. By collecting model ships you are in essence purchasing a piece of a culture. Such ships give insight into the cultural background of where the ship came from. This plays an important role in understanding different cultures.

Collecting Model Ships Give you Historical Knowledge

Similarly, model ships from different time periods can give you an understanding of the socio-economic conditions of the day. After you become familiar with collecting model ships from different eras you will be able to look at the architecture of ships from certain time periods, and know exactly where it came from and around what year it was built.

Collecting Model Ships is Accessible to Everyone

Model ship collecting used to be restricted to those with money. Today, you can purchase model ships at low prices that anyone can afford. This is due to the ability to mass produce model ship parts. With model ship collecting nobody should ever feel left out.

Collecting Model Ships is an Adventure

From the first model ship you purchase to the very last, every moment will be an adventure to you. Whether you are travelling from town to town in search of elusive ship models or scouring the Internet for them, you will find models on your journeys that will take your breath away.

Collecting Model Ships Encourages Art Appreciation

Model ship collecting is not merely just a hobby, but an art form as well. Collecting model ships will lead to an appreciation of nautical architecture. This type of appreciation builds character and helps you to understand the art of different cultures and time periods.

Collecting Model Ships is Fun for All Ages

Even kids can have fun collecting model ships. There are plenty of fun model ships, such as remote controlled boats, that kids will have a wonderful time with. When it comes to model ship collecting, no age is restricted!

Collecting Model Ships Gives your Home Elegance

Creating a nautical themed room can be a beautiful process. Nautical rooms, if done right, are resounding and will add style, culture, and significance to your home. For this reason, there are many options available today for choosing nautical decor.

Collecting Model Ships is One of the Oldest Hobbies on Earth

Model ship collecting has stood the test of time and is one of the worlds longest practiced hobbies. Ever since ships were introduced model ships have been right there along side them. The people have an interest in nautical architecture, and while the architecture may change, the hobby will always remain.

Collecting Model Ships is Important to History

Model ships have told us countless things about history. It is important to keep making and collecting these model ships, as one day our model ships will tell the tale of our culture and how we lived.

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The Best Model Ships for Children

April 5th, 2010

Ships in a Bottle

While the hobby of model ship collecting can seem a bit stuffy at times, not everything in it is so mundane. There are many model ships out there that emphasize imagination and fun above everything else. Therefore, model ships are not restricted to adults but can also be pastimes of children as well. There is also a plethora of model ships out there that appeal to children because they are mysterious, spooky, and/or simply fun to play with. Children have vivid imaginations that tend to run wild, and when paired with a model ship there are all sorts of adventures for them to get into to. From ships in a bottle, to pirate ships, to remote controlled speed boats, kids can have plenty of fun with model ships.

The Cutty Sark Ship in a Bottle

Kids love ships in bottles. The Cutty Sark Ship in a Bottle makes a great toy for your kid to share at their school’s show and tell. Other children will be fascinated and wonder how the ship managed to get inside the bottle. However, with a kids overactive mind chances are the ship in a bottle will eventually find itself afloat up a creek or stream! The Cutty Sark is only $19.99, and is 11″ in length, 4″ in width, and 5″ in height.

The Caribbean Pirate

The Caribbean Pirate is another great model ship for children. Pirate ships are fascinating to our imaginations and children will love to have and play with their very own pirate ship! The Caribbean Pirate ship is made out of resin and is painted black, white, and burgundy. This model is only $9.99, and is 7″ long, 2″ wide, and 6″ high.

The RC Chris Craft Dual Cockpit

The model ships children will love most are without a doubt the remote controlled speed boats. These boats, while expensive, offer the most fun out of all of the model ships for children. The RC Chris Craft Dual Cockpit is a fast speed craft that gets up to 25 mph! With such a high speed, children will have countless hours of fun with this speedboat. This model is also realistically created, with gauges that resemble the real thing and are not simply painted on. Furthermore, it is made from heartwood honduras mahogany, which is one of the finest mahoganies available and is usually used on actual boats. At $699, this model ship may be a little steep in the price range, but it is guaranteed that your children will have fun with it.

Usually, the best model ships for children are found to be the models that cater to the imagination and to an overall fun experience. There are many model ships out there that are suitable for children. You simply just have to figure out what your child favors and then go from there. Model ship collecting is a fun hobby and it is never too early to start!

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Top Ship Models for Serious Collectors

April 2nd, 2010

Top Model Ships for Serious Collectors

Nowadays, anyone can become a model ship collector. What used to be an expensive hobby has become put into the hands of anyone who wants to join. You can find model ships for as low as $9.99. However, for serious model ship collectors those models just will not cut the mustard. Real model ship collectors know, however, that it is not about price, but rather about the quality, time invested, and limited scope of the model. A great model ship is diligently worked on by master artisans and created from the finest materials around. Many of the best model ships are often limited editions because they are so intricate in design that the designer can only create so many. This article will take a look at some of the top ship models for serious collectors.

The USS Constitution Limited Edition

The USS Constitution is a great ship model for serious collectors. Upon purchase you are given a Certificate of Authenticity signed by master artisan Richard Norris. Only fifty models of the USS Constitution will ever be made. This ship model is intricately designed and hand painted to accurately match the actual ship. It is built with rare woods such as cherry, walnut, oak, birch, and maple. Each model takes hundreds of hours to build by master craftsmen. This is due to realistic touches such as twenty-three hand stitched sails, an actual copper plated hull, and fully built lifeboats. The USS Constitution comes in at 38″ in length, 10″ in width, and 28″ in height. For all the details and work that goes into the USS Constitution you would be surprised to learn that it is only $599!

The RC Ferrari Hydroplane

The RC Ferrari Hydroplane is an excellent model ship for the serious collector looking for a great remote controlled model. This model is designed in the image of its real life counterpart and is meticulously painted to match. Furthermore, the Hydroplane even comes with plush leather seats reminiscent of the actual ship. The dashboard is even equipped with real looking gauges that are not merely painted on. Each strip of wood on the hull is laid down one at a time to ensure a quality product that is pleasing to both eye and touch. Also, when using its remote control function the Hydroplane can go up to 25 mph! Therefore this model is great for serious collectors looking to get a little fun out of their model ship collection. The RC Ferrari Hydroplane comes in at 32″ in length, 8″ in width, and 11″ inches in height. At $699 this model is a bit pricey, but for the serious model ship collector money should not be an object.

The San Felipe Special

The San Felipe is a one of a kind model that every serious model ship collector should be interested in. But act fast, because there is only one model available! The details that went into the creation of the San Felipe model are staggering. This model ship is made from the highest quality woods; its canvas sails have been starched to keep them in place; and the deck is littered with cannon ball racks, wooden grates, rudder chains, and an authentic lifeboat. This model took hundreds of hours to complete from scratch (no kits) by master craftsmen. The San Felipe is a grandiose 60″ in length, 24″ in width, and 54″ in height. For something so rare and so beautiful, the San Felipe’s price tag of $7999 is completely worth it!

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Best Online Stores for Model Ship Collectors

March 31st, 2010

Great Online Model Ship Stores

When looking to buy great model ships online it is important to find online stores for model ship collectors that offer a wide array of both model ships and nautical decor. The quality of the model ships on these sites should directly correlate with the price. The best online stores for model ship collectors should have master artisans that work tirelessly on your model from start to finish. These sites should also have great shipping methods and care packaging to ensure a safe arrival to your doorstep. For instance, you do not want to purchase a model ship for over a hundred dollars that was created sloppily and falls apart before it even reaches your door, and not even have a money back guarantee. For the model ship collector looking to buy individual models look no further than If you are a retailer looking for wholesale model ships then is your best bet. Both stores are reliable and offer great quality, low prices, and safety assurance.

Hand Crafted Model Ships

At Hand Crafted Model Ships you will find a large assortment of tradition model ships, such as: Civil War ships, Coast Guard ships, cruise ships, decor yachts, fishing boats, pirate ships, remote controlled boats, sailboats, ships in bottle, speed boats, tall ships, and WWII ships. These ships are created from the highest quality materials such as cherry, teak, yellow siris, birch, and rosewood. The higher the cost of the model the more effort that was put into creating it. Some models require over two hundred hours of work by master artisans to complete. Hand Crafted Model Ships also has some limited edition and rare model ships available. Furthermore, you can purchase nautical decor items such as compasses and ship wheels to accommodate your model ship purchase. These decor items will add flair and style to your nautical themed room at cheap prices. Every item bought from Hand Crafted Model Ships is guaranteed quality, and is shipped to your house in safe packaging that ensures the safety of your product. If for some reason you are not happy with your model ship or decor item you are entitled to receive a full refund. If you are looking to purchase models then Hand Crafted Model Ships should be your first stop.

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Model Ship Collecting Around the World

March 29th, 2010

Model Ship Collecting Around The World

Model ship collecting is one of the worlds oldest hobbies. In the ancient world, model ships reflected the peoples love and sometimes fear of these outstanding technological advancements. Back then, ships were the most advanced and complex technological achievements in the world. Interest in ships were high due to the impact they had on trade, adventure, and war, among other things. Model ships were used for many different purposes. Some of which coincide with what they are used for today, while other purposes have dropped off completely mostly due to cultural changes. Today, model ship collecting is still a world wide hobby. It seems that our fascination with sea faring vessels remains intact, and the enthusiasm has not died down one bit.

Model Ship Collecting in the Ancient World

Ancient model ships from Greece, Egypt, and Phoenicia were discovered lining the Mediterranean. Using these models as guides, we can determine the cultural influences and economic conditions of the time period. Model ship collecting in the ancient world was done for a variety of reasons. For instance, many model ships served as burial votives for the dead. While this may not be seen very much or at all in modern culture, ancient ship models were also used as toys, household decorations, and as art. Furthermore, the model ships used as household decor could also serve as more than display purposes. Some models were made into lamps or used as drinking appliances.

In Europe, up until the the 18th century almost all model ships that were made were done so strictly for the purpose of showcasing how the actual ship would look when finished. It was not until the Napoleonic wars that model ship collecting became a hobby, and even an art form, in Europe. This was due to imprisoned French and English seamen who created ship models out of random scraps laying around their cell floors. When people began buying these models, the prisoners where supplied with better materials such as ivory to craft much more luxurious models. And by the 1880s Britain was home to three model ship sailing clubs.

Model Ship Collecting in the Modern World

Today model ship collecting around the world is still very popular. They make excellent toys for children, great decorations for households, and fun gifts for those people in your life that you are unsure of what to get come the holidays. Unlike model ships of the yesteryear, in the modern era model ships can be manufactured much more easily. This is because of the industrial revolution that made it so that practically anyone can build a model ship from pre-existing kits. Before that, model ships were built strictly by master artisans who slaved for hours on end in order to create works of art. In spite of this there are still master craftsmen today who take model ship building and collecting very seriously. Furthermore, new to the modern era of model ship collecting are RC boats. RC boats are remote controlled boats that can be fully functional on water. These boats are great fun for young and old alike.

Model ship collecting around the world is as strong as it has ever been. While there have been some changes in the application and practical purposes of ship models, the joy of creating and collecting them still remains the same.

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RC Boats – Having Fun With Model Ships

March 12th, 2010

Order the Chris Craft RC Boat

RC (remote controlled) boats have grown in popularity over the years, and are now a favorite pastime for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The allure of these boats is not just the ability to sail on water, but also the elaborate assembly process. Hobbyists derive much pride in assembling their boats and participating in competitions. Many compete in tournaments in the hope of receiving a ribbon or trophy they can be proud of.

Types of RC Boats

There are four main categories of RC boats: electric boats, nitro powered boats, sail boats and gasoline boats. Electric RC boats have the advantage of being relatively cheap, easier to maintain, and have a quiet electric motor which enables one to play without bothering other people. The speed of a basic, ready to run electric boat kit is 15-20mph. However, this speed can increased by upgrading to higher voltage batteries and fast motors.

Nitro powered RC boats use a special combination of methanol, lubricating oil and methanol that is specially prepared for nitro marine type of engines. Nitro boats can reach speeds of up to 30mph, and are known to be very noisy. Despite being generally faster, these boats have the disadvantage of a shorter run time. In addition, the fuel is quite expensive.

RC sailboats are very simple to assemble and maintain. Since they don’t have an engine or motor, they are perfect for a quiet day out. There are many ready-to-run RC sail boats which come pre-assembled, some including an instructional video. The sail boat harnesses the power of the wind and uses the sails and rudder to steer and move forward. To sail effectively, the direction of the wind should be noted since the boat cannot sail straight into the wind. The rudder and sail can then be used to control where the sail boat will go.

Gasoline RC boats use fuel which is a mixture of oil and gasoline. The engine is comparable to that of a lawnmower. They have relatively longer run times, but are normally slower and more costly.

Choosing an RC Boat

There are several things to consider before buying an RC boat. One is the play area. If one lives near a big river, lake, or ocean, then the best choice would be the gasoline or nitro powered boats However, electric RC boats are more suitable for small spaces such as ponds or swimming pools.

The hull design is another factor. Mono hull or Deep V RC boats are best suited for rough water conditions and are easier to control. The hydroplane and catamaran hull design are designed for high speeds and are suited to run in tranquil water conditions.

Finally, there are several brands and models to choose from. Some of the companies that produce high quality RC boats are Nikko, CEN, Traxxas and Megatech. Since most RC boat models are similar in quality and price, the choice of what to buy will likely depend on the preferred ‘look’.

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