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Model Ships for Sale

January 23rd, 2010

Model Ships for Sale - HMS Victory Model

Model Ships for Sale - HMS Victory Model


Model ship collecting is about as classic a hobby as you can get. Prior to the industrial revolution, model ships were bought and sold mostly among the wealthy population. This was because of the uniquely skilled craftsmanship put into the each model’s design. However, in this day and age model ships sell to anyone and everyone. Some collectors prefer building models from scratch, while others simply want to find whole model ships for sale. If you are just starting out in your hobby and looking to find some model ships to start off your collection, there are loads of great sites that offer model ships for affordable prices.

Model Ships for Sale Online

One such site for the model ship enthusiast is handcraftedmodelships.com. Here you can find a large variety of model ships for sale. Ship sizes conveniently range from 14″ and under to 50″ and over. While ship pricing ranges from the affordable $50 and under to the more diehard $500 and over.

For the collector looking for certain themes, different styles of model ships are also sold at handcraftedmodelships.com. For instance, civil war ships, pirate ships, and WWII ships are among the site’s model ships for sale. Also, ship decorations such as telescopes, ship wheels, and compasses are available for the model ship collector looking to enhance current models they own.

Mode ship categories include: tall ships, speed boats, cruise ships, yachts and special edition models. Display cases for your most prized model ships are also available. Each display case is made from pine, and is fashionably styled to store your model ship in luxury. Most newcomers to model ship buying probably won’t be interested in spending an extra $150 on just a case; but the accomplished and prideful model ship owners will scoff at the thought of dust gathering on their ships.

Another great way to find model ships for sale is eBay.com. Newcomers to model ship collecting may find the prices on eBay very affordable, while the quality of the ship may not be that great. However, distinguished model ship collectors looking to spend a bit of money will find many great and/or rare model ships for sale. However, eBay can either be your friend or your enemy. If you don’t know what you are doing, you may spend too much on a model ship not worth a whole lot. But when looking for rarities, eBay will help you find those model ships that other sites don’t sell.

So, whether you are new to model ship collecting or are a seasoned vet, there are many online ways to find the perfect model ships.

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