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Rare and Collectors Edition Model Ships

March 26th, 2010

Limited Edition Model Ships

There are many kinds of model ships available. Some are sold in kits for you to build yourself, while others are sold completely finished for your display case pleasure. Those interested in the latter are often at odds trying to find rare and collectors edition model ships. Finding these rare ships can be a daunting task. This is because rare and limited edition ship models sell out quickly. In order to get your hands on these elusive models it is necessary to know how and where to go about searching for scarce model ship commodities.

For instance, when visiting a model ship retailer be sure to ask what limited models they have in stock, how many are available, and how much they cost. Common misconceptions about rare and collectors edition ship models lead many to believe that they are always high in the price range. However that is not the case, as many limited model ships can be purchased at low prices. Collectors edition model ships are usually of famous ships, movie ships, or ships by respected craftsmen. Many limited edition model ships are collectors edition ship models, therefore this article will examine a few rare and collectors edition model ships to aid you in your search.

The Volunteer Limited Edition Ship

The Volunteer is a fully assembled limited edition model ship. Priced under one hundred dollars, this rare ship model is perfect for the buyer that is looking for something unique but not willing to pay a large price for said model. The Volunteer is hand painted to match the colors of the actual ship, and is built using rare, high quality woods. The history that surrounds The Volunteer is also responsible for making it a rare and collectors item, as the actual Volunteer “was the victorious American defender of the seventh America’s Cup race in 1887 against Scottish challenger Thistle.”

The San Felipe Rare Model Ship

The San Felipe is a rare ship model that will cater to the crowd looking to spend a little more money in their purchases. This rare ship model comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity from HMS Founder and Master Builder Richard Norris. The San Felipe is made from over two thousand parts, built from high quality woods, and is companion to only fifty other models of its kind.

The San Felipe Special Edition Model Ship

The San Felipe Special is an amazingly detailed rare and collectors edition ship model that is only for those who have a lot of money to spend – eight thousand dollars to be exact. There is only one San Felipe Special tall model ship available. This ship model is also created using the finest and rarest woods. The details of the San Felipe are so intricate that it took hundreds of grueling hours by many master craftsmen to complete this ship model. The actual San Felipe was built in 1690 and was the leader of the Spanish Armada. The actual ship was never salvaged, as it went down at the arms of an English vessel centuries ago. The recreation of this notorious ship into model form was done so by using paintings of the San Felipe from Vincenzo Lusci.

These are just a few example of rare and collectors edition model ships. There are many to be found online or at your local model ship store, but hurry, because someone may snag the last models available!

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