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Top 10 Reasons Model Ship Collecting Is The Best Hobby On Earth

April 12th, 2010

Collecting Model Ships

Model ship collecting is the best hobby on Earth for a variety of reasons. The experience of creating and collecting model ships is one that transcends cultural and historical borders. There is good reason why the hobby of model ship collecting has gone on for centuries to as far back as time can trace. Lets have a look at the top ten reasons why model ship collecting is the best hobby on Earth.

Collecting Model Ships is a Rewarding Process

Building a diverse assortment of ship models in your collection is a satisfying achievement. Being able to look at your collection and revel in its beauty is something that veteran model ship collectors take pride in, whether you built the ships yourself or purchased them pre-made.

Collecting Model Ships Gives you Cultural Insight

Model ships have been around for centuries and span many different walks of life. By collecting model ships you are in essence purchasing a piece of a culture. Such ships give insight into the cultural background of where the ship came from. This plays an important role in understanding different cultures.

Collecting Model Ships Give you Historical Knowledge

Similarly, model ships from different time periods can give you an understanding of the socio-economic conditions of the day. After you become familiar with collecting model ships from different eras you will be able to look at the architecture of ships from certain time periods, and know exactly where it came from and around what year it was built.

Collecting Model Ships is Accessible to Everyone

Model ship collecting used to be restricted to those with money. Today, you can purchase model ships at low prices that anyone can afford. This is due to the ability to mass produce model ship parts. With model ship collecting nobody should ever feel left out.

Collecting Model Ships is an Adventure

From the first model ship you purchase to the very last, every moment will be an adventure to you. Whether you are travelling from town to town in search of elusive ship models or scouring the Internet for them, you will find models on your journeys that will take your breath away.

Collecting Model Ships Encourages Art Appreciation

Model ship collecting is not merely just a hobby, but an art form as well. Collecting model ships will lead to an appreciation of nautical architecture. This type of appreciation builds character and helps you to understand the art of different cultures and time periods.

Collecting Model Ships is Fun for All Ages

Even kids can have fun collecting model ships. There are plenty of fun model ships, such as remote controlled boats, that kids will have a wonderful time with. When it comes to model ship collecting, no age is restricted!

Collecting Model Ships Gives your Home Elegance

Creating a nautical themed room can be a beautiful process. Nautical rooms, if done right, are resounding and will add style, culture, and significance to your home. For this reason, there are many options available today for choosing nautical decor.

Collecting Model Ships is One of the Oldest Hobbies on Earth

Model ship collecting has stood the test of time and is one of the worlds longest practiced hobbies. Ever since ships were introduced model ships have been right there along side them. The people have an interest in nautical architecture, and while the architecture may change, the hobby will always remain.

Collecting Model Ships is Important to History

Model ships have told us countless things about history. It is important to keep making and collecting these model ships, as one day our model ships will tell the tale of our culture and how we lived.

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