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Why Model Ships Make Perfect Gifts

March 10th, 2010

Model Ships Make Great Gifts!

Model Ships Make Great Gifts!


When we see a model ship that someone has put together, we no doubt wonder, "How on earth did he do that?" What’s even more exciting is when you tear open all that colorful wrapping paper on Christmas Day to find a miniaturized nautical treasure waiting for you underneath. But what makes model ships so appealing to give as gifts?

Ships in History

The historical significance of each ship and the incredible accuracy that goes into each model is certainly a huge factor. Giving a small piece of history to a loved one so that he or she may also enjoy its superb craftsmanship will spur further curiosity over why that particular vessel was so important.

Once the history of one ship is discovered it will lead him or her to read about other ships from the same or concurrent time periods. This may also spur an interest to later get other models in order to continue this educational experience.

Admiration of Skill

When seeing an assembled model ship, interest is enlightened when the admirer realizes that he or she would not have the patience to build it. So giving a model ship as a gift offers the admirer a chance to truly enjoy the effort that’s gone into its creation. Perhaps while marveling at each intricate detail he or she will be inspired to grasp that patience.

Others may not want to try assembling ships on their own, but they will be more inclined to see what else the builder has to offer. After peeling away the wrapping paper and the bow and staring at the treasure inside, they will likely ask "Where did you get this?" You can proudly tell them where you found that pirate ship and how impressed you also were with its craftsmanship.

Model Ships Bring Fond Memories

A common practice when giving a model ship as a gift is offering a bit of remembrance from a trip or other fond life experience. Especially with luxury cruises very popular right now, many of us have taken at least one journey on a big ship. Usually we come home with a model ship so that every time we see it, we think of our trip and how enjoyable it was.

Model ships are also popular gifts for those in the armed forces who once served or still serve on a particular vessel. These models are accepted and displayed as a grand form of pride from his or her efforts as a member or the military. Whatever station he or she may have served, looking over at that miniature ship time and time again will certainly make them smile.

So whether you give a model ship for a loved one to collect or enjoy, or if you want to just see the ships when you visit him or her later on, they will always make a fantastic gift. If anything, it’s relaxing to just sit and enjoy seeing the ships, and perhaps dream a little with it.

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