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Building a Ship in a Bottle

January 19th, 2010

Ship in a Bottle - Flying Cloud Model

Ship in a Bottle - Flying Cloud Model

It’s a capture of sun, sails trapped in glass and light. It’s the defiance of logic, baffling all who witness, all who peek down to decipher the secret. The image is iconic: a pirate vessel roaming a painted sea, detailed immaculate. It waits on a shelf, gathering no dust, only intrigue. It seems unlikely. And yet… a ship in a bottle was made. It can be made again.

It’s often named the impossible trick, a dare for any who try it. But such dares can be solved. Because building a ship in a bottle is more process than illusion. It can be achieved by simple patience and simpler steps. Once these steps are known, creating a battle is all too easy… and all too rewarding.

Master The Ship In A Bottle

The first rule you must remember? You will not craft the boat inside its container. That truly would be impossible, and would send most running for solace in the nearest board game. Instead you will shape all materials outside, allowing yourself the freedom to focus on the bows and gaffers. To begin, always measure the opening of your bottle. This will determine the size of your ship (the depth of the hull must be smaller to allow you to slip it in later). Once that number is known, you can then begin to form your vessel. There are countless kits available for those who are not yet certain of their own skills. Novices are recommended to use them. Always build with your number in mind. Never forget it.

Once the majority of the work is done, however, you will find yourself faced with the masts (and, consequently, the sails). It is essential that you place hinges within these to allow the masts to collapse to a ninety degree angle. This will let them rest as you place the ship in a bottle. Attach a string to each so you may raise them later. This will complete the effect.

Caution Ahead: Ship In A Bottle

This is not a day of thrills nor hours spent breathless. This is not instant satisfaction. It is instead a pastime for the patient. Do not assume this will be a quick event, finished in clumsy haste, with you then moving on to the next project. It’s meant instead to be enjoyed, the details faithfully done, the scenes made real. You are not to rush. You are to savor.

Of course, for some, that seems more improbable than the ship in a bottle itself. They demand immediate results. They will find little of that here. Understand that this is a system. It will take effort. If you are not interested in that, then perhaps another hobby would be wise.

If you are willing, however, to offer time, then this can be an experience worth having. You simply must remember to follow your directions carefully, devote the necessary minutes and keep your frustrations low. You will succeed. You merely have to learn first.

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