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Civil War Ships – Monitor Model Ship

September 22nd, 2010

When Civil War enthusiasts and history buff alike think of famous naval battles of the Civil War, what usually comes to mind? Of course, it could be none other than the fierce battle between ironclad ships. That’s right, on March 9th, 1862 the Union’s newly constructed Monitor met the Confederate’s USS Virginia (also known as the Merrimack), at the Battle of Hampton Roads at the mouth of the James River. For months, the USS Virginia had been terrorizing the traditional wooden ships of the Union forces. In order to put a stop to this the Union made an ironclad ship of their own, The Monitor. Historically, this was a very important battle because the Confederates were using their powerful ironclad USS Virginia to sink Union ships and break through the crucial Union naval blockade of Virginia. In order to maintain the blockade and naval supremacy the Union new it needed its own ironclad ship. So was born the Monitor.

The Monitor Ironclad Boat

Even though the Monitor and USS Virginia blasted away at each other for hours, neither was able to overtake the other. Historians tell that this was the result of both ships being well protected by their iron armor. Yet, strategically, it was considered a victory of the Monitor. Not only did the Monitor act as the counter to the Confederate’s ironclad ship, but also upheld the Union naval blockade of Virginia. Therefore, the Union cheered the battle as a victory and historians marked the battle as great leap forward in naval technology. Seeing that the Monitor is such in important vessel for both boat lovers and history aficionados, what better way is there to commemorate groundbreaking ship than with an authentic replica? In that case, Handcrafted Model Ships (HMS) is at your service with the official Monitor Civil War model ship.

Authentic Monitor Replica

Crafting The Perfect Monitor Replica

As will all ships from HMS the Monitor replica is top-notch. This Monitor ship is not a model ship kit, it comes 100% assembled and ready to be displayed. The ship’s exact dimensions are 21″ long x 5″ Wide x 7″ High (1:98 scale), the perfect size for viewing as well as being easily placed inside a collector’s showcase. This Monitor replica was fabricated using the photos, drawings, and plans from the original ship. No detail was sparred, everything from the iron rivets that cover the boat to the genuine cloth Union flag are included in this Monitor replica. Furthermore, the trademark turrets from where the Monitor fired upon its enemies are also present on HMS’s Monitor ship.

The Civil War Monitor Ship Model Makes A Special Addition To Any Collection

No model ship collector or history buff should be without the Monitor model ship. This replica brings together a pivotal moment in American history with excellence in model shipbuilding. Truly, this is something only Handcrafted Model Ships can provide. As our customers already know, ordering is a cinch, and the Monitor will arrive at your door looking just they way it does on the web site. Order today and own a piece of US Civil War and nautical history.

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