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RC Boats – Having Fun With Model Ships

March 12th, 2010

Order the Chris Craft RC Boat

RC (remote controlled) boats have grown in popularity over the years, and are now a favorite pastime for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The allure of these boats is not just the ability to sail on water, but also the elaborate assembly process. Hobbyists derive much pride in assembling their boats and participating in competitions. Many compete in tournaments in the hope of receiving a ribbon or trophy they can be proud of.

Types of RC Boats

There are four main categories of RC boats: electric boats, nitro powered boats, sail boats and gasoline boats. Electric RC boats have the advantage of being relatively cheap, easier to maintain, and have a quiet electric motor which enables one to play without bothering other people. The speed of a basic, ready to run electric boat kit is 15-20mph. However, this speed can increased by upgrading to higher voltage batteries and fast motors.

Nitro powered RC boats use a special combination of methanol, lubricating oil and methanol that is specially prepared for nitro marine type of engines. Nitro boats can reach speeds of up to 30mph, and are known to be very noisy. Despite being generally faster, these boats have the disadvantage of a shorter run time. In addition, the fuel is quite expensive.

RC sailboats are very simple to assemble and maintain. Since they don’t have an engine or motor, they are perfect for a quiet day out. There are many ready-to-run RC sail boats which come pre-assembled, some including an instructional video. The sail boat harnesses the power of the wind and uses the sails and rudder to steer and move forward. To sail effectively, the direction of the wind should be noted since the boat cannot sail straight into the wind. The rudder and sail can then be used to control where the sail boat will go.

Gasoline RC boats use fuel which is a mixture of oil and gasoline. The engine is comparable to that of a lawnmower. They have relatively longer run times, but are normally slower and more costly.

Choosing an RC Boat

There are several things to consider before buying an RC boat. One is the play area. If one lives near a big river, lake, or ocean, then the best choice would be the gasoline or nitro powered boats However, electric RC boats are more suitable for small spaces such as ponds or swimming pools.

The hull design is another factor. Mono hull or Deep V RC boats are best suited for rough water conditions and are easier to control. The hydroplane and catamaran hull design are designed for high speeds and are suited to run in tranquil water conditions.

Finally, there are several brands and models to choose from. Some of the companies that produce high quality RC boats are Nikko, CEN, Traxxas and Megatech. Since most RC boat models are similar in quality and price, the choice of what to buy will likely depend on the preferred ‘look’.

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Why Model Ships Make Perfect Gifts

March 10th, 2010

Model Ships Make Great Gifts!

Model Ships Make Great Gifts!


When we see a model ship that someone has put together, we no doubt wonder, "How on earth did he do that?" What’s even more exciting is when you tear open all that colorful wrapping paper on Christmas Day to find a miniaturized nautical treasure waiting for you underneath. But what makes model ships so appealing to give as gifts?

Ships in History

The historical significance of each ship and the incredible accuracy that goes into each model is certainly a huge factor. Giving a small piece of history to a loved one so that he or she may also enjoy its superb craftsmanship will spur further curiosity over why that particular vessel was so important.

Once the history of one ship is discovered it will lead him or her to read about other ships from the same or concurrent time periods. This may also spur an interest to later get other models in order to continue this educational experience.

Admiration of Skill

When seeing an assembled model ship, interest is enlightened when the admirer realizes that he or she would not have the patience to build it. So giving a model ship as a gift offers the admirer a chance to truly enjoy the effort that’s gone into its creation. Perhaps while marveling at each intricate detail he or she will be inspired to grasp that patience.

Others may not want to try assembling ships on their own, but they will be more inclined to see what else the builder has to offer. After peeling away the wrapping paper and the bow and staring at the treasure inside, they will likely ask "Where did you get this?" You can proudly tell them where you found that pirate ship and how impressed you also were with its craftsmanship.

Model Ships Bring Fond Memories

A common practice when giving a model ship as a gift is offering a bit of remembrance from a trip or other fond life experience. Especially with luxury cruises very popular right now, many of us have taken at least one journey on a big ship. Usually we come home with a model ship so that every time we see it, we think of our trip and how enjoyable it was.

Model ships are also popular gifts for those in the armed forces who once served or still serve on a particular vessel. These models are accepted and displayed as a grand form of pride from his or her efforts as a member or the military. Whatever station he or she may have served, looking over at that miniature ship time and time again will certainly make them smile.

So whether you give a model ship for a loved one to collect or enjoy, or if you want to just see the ships when you visit him or her later on, they will always make a fantastic gift. If anything, it’s relaxing to just sit and enjoy seeing the ships, and perhaps dream a little with it.

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Model Sailboats Reflect on History

February 9th, 2010

Model Sailboats - Americas Cup Contender Model

Model Sailboats - America's Cup Contender Model

Owning a model sailboat offers the boat lover an opportunity to reflect on their experience sailing the open waters. Sounds of the sea echo in their ears, as the imagination leads them to these special places and times.

Whether a sailor or simply an admirer, owning a handcrafted model sailboat is an elegant addition to any home, office, or study.

To the collector, a model sailboat tells a story. Replicas of famous crafts, from the American classics to the internationally famous schooners, often grace their mantles and curio cabinets. They are passionate about showcasing these treasures.

The detail that the model sailboat exhibits is amazing. Through the intricate stitching on the sails, to the glossy hand painted hulls, the fine craftsmanship the artisans put into their work is apparent.

Model sailboats come in many types, sizes and shapes. These masterpieces are found for sale online, and in some of the finer furniture stores. However, due to specific requests, numerous sailboats are made to order.

Crafted sailboats in a bottle

When eying the beauty of the model sailboat in a bottle, you will be reminded of bygone times. These delicately crafted vessels are presented in several types of bottles.

Depending on the sailboat you choose, it may be housed in a round bottle, a flat-bottomed bottle or dimpled bottles, designed to sit on a table or mantle. The bottles are corked, waxed, and lined with cotton fishing line, then topped off with a sailor’s knot.

To achieve the realistic effect these vessels exhibit, crafters use only quality materials. For every detail – from the mast to the sea – your model sailboat in a bottle is sure to be a prized possession.

Every piece will have a descriptive plaque engraved or otherwise affixed to the bottle. Many offer the history of the sailboat. This addition makes these wonders not only a stunning curio, but a source of education, and conversation.

Decorative model sailboats offer timeless classics at affordable prices

Owning a decorative model sailboat will put you in the seat of history with your hand on the sail. It is up to you where you take the vessel, and where it takes you. It is the discerning taste of the novice or collector that draws one to these water crafts.

The building of these sailboats requires a steady hand and a love for the craft. Decorative handcrafted model sailboats are not fashioned from prefabricated model kits. Craftsmen research each vessel’s history before embarking on its creation. Museums, photos, boat plans, and visits to the actual boats are a few techniques used in crafting a decorative model sailboat.

After careful review, model plans are drawn which mimic the original vessel. This is accomplished by the use of special computer software.

Following the plan creation, the tedious process of shaping the sailboat begins. The wood for the bulkhead and deck are hand formed. While some machinery is used to move along production, the majority of the work is done by hand.

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Top 10 Most Famous Ships in History

February 6th, 2010

Famous Ships - Titanic Model

The Most Famous Ship - The Titanic


There are many ships with a claim to fame due to how they were build while others are due to some significant historical event(s) that they were involved in. Whatever the reason, this select number of vessels has left a permanent imprint in our minds.

The Titanic

One of the most recognized navel disasters of the early 20th century; the RMS Titanic was quoted by The Shipbuilder Magazine as "practically unsinkable". Nearly 100 years later, the story of this great ship’s demise is still shrouded in controversy. Regardless, the Titanic has left an enduring legacy for many historians, treasure seekers, and enthusiasts alike.

The Enterprise

There have been many vessels with this recognizable name; some factual and some fictional. Regardless of history or myth, The Enterprise in its various personas has grown into a cultural phenomenon. Some of the most notable crafts include the USS Enterprise nuclear aircraft carrier and the Space Shuttle Enterprise currently on display at the Smithsonian’s Air & Space museum.

The Victory

The most famous ship of the Royal Navy, the HMS Victory is mostly remembered when Admiral Horatio Nelson commanded her between 1803 and 1805. She’s the oldest commissioned warship in the world and currently rests in Portsmouth.

The Cutty Sark

The world’s only surviving extreme clipper ship; the Cutty Sark is mostly remembered not as a sailing vessel but as one of many significant sites to see in the south-east London. Even after an accidental fire in 2007, the ship was restored through charity efforts and is one again on display for all to see.

The Mayflower

Originally designed as a trade cargo ship, the Mayflower is most known for its transportation of English Separatists across the Atlantic between 1620 and 1621. After reaching Cape Cod, the surviving Pilgrims stayed behind while the ship then returned to London.

The Britannic

A sister ship to the Titanic, the HMHS Britannic would start as a luxury ocean liner but then be commissioned as a hospital ship for the First World War. In 1916, she would be struck with a mine off the coast of Greece and quickly sink into the Mediterranean.

The Constitution

The USS Constitution is most recognized as one of the few navel vessels with a perfect battle record. Nicknamed "Old Ironsides", the ship was later dry-docked and converted into a museum in Boston, Massachusetts as a symbol of longevity and American might.

The Arizona

The USS Arizona is one of the US navel ships which was subsequently attacked and sank during the Japanese attack in Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. Its remains are still in Pearl Harbor as a memorial to that historical day and to those who lose their lives.

The Niña, Pinta & Santa Maria

The Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria will always be remembered as the trio of ships that carried Christopher Columbus and crews across the Atlantic. Despite the loss of the Santa Maria in Haiti, the other two ships was used on many of Columbus’ later voyages as well.

The Bounty

Romanticized by Hollywood, the mutiny upon the HMS Bounty in 1789 is most well known for its aftermath of its crew through various stages of trials, tribulations, and betrayal. Lt. Bligh was eventually acquitted and descendants of the mutineers still live on Pitcairn Island to this day.

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Fully Assembled Museum Quality Tall Ships For Sale

January 31st, 2010

Tall Ships - Cutty Sark Model

Tall Ships - Cutty Sark Model


If you asked four out of five people they’d tell you that what they understood about tall ships was what they’d seen on a movie screen, but in reality these boats are anything but a relic from the past. The economic bonuses for the people and places who understand the value of these tall ships are still helping communities around the world today and the interest in these boats remains unabated judging by the number of people and places that take an active interest.

If you don’t think that these vessels are still vibrant, all you need to do is ask the people of Nova Scotia, Canada. The recent 2009 Tall Ships event that was carried out there injected a whopping $32 million into the local economy and drew close to 100,000 visitors. More than 40 ships and thousands of sailors were at the event last summer.

Sailing Tall Ships To The Bank

If you’ve got the money and you’re so inclined a stay the Winter Olympics can be even more interesting than you first thought since one of the Russian tall ships, the Kruzenshtern, will visit Vancouver during the Olympics and possibly even offer interested visitors a ride. The ship is scheduled to arrive in Vancouver on Feb 10 and there will be 120 cadets aboard who will be learning the expertise needed for sailing tall ships.

There are those who think that tall ships are the stuff of Europe only and that when you think about American history, you need to only concern yourself with the canoe. However, that’s not the case at all as these tall ships and their history have a place in the American story as well

Tall Ships And American History

Across the United States there are several maritime museums that cater partially to the past of these tall ships and you can make plans to go to places like the Maine Maritime Museum that includes some realistic models of the tall ships from a bygone era. There are many other museums that cater to this important part of American history and the San Diego Maritime Museum has information on sailing these interesting boats there as well.

As you might expect, the West Cost has a special affinity with these boats in general with places like San Francisco being home to large fleet at the end of the 1800s. These tall ships helped to establish the California and Hawaii Sugar Company that brought raw sugar from Hawaii to the refineries that were located on the coast. In 1898 one the Schooners embarked on the journey with a 19-year-old captain on board. William Olson was to become the youngest sea Captain on the Pacific.

Tall ships have seen the history of the world and of the American continent and played a role in both. These are the boats that live on today and still represent a vibrant part of the lives of the people interested in the sea.

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Model Ships for Sale

January 23rd, 2010

Model Ships for Sale - HMS Victory Model

Model Ships for Sale - HMS Victory Model


Model ship collecting is about as classic a hobby as you can get. Prior to the industrial revolution, model ships were bought and sold mostly among the wealthy population. This was because of the uniquely skilled craftsmanship put into the each model’s design. However, in this day and age model ships sell to anyone and everyone. Some collectors prefer building models from scratch, while others simply want to find whole model ships for sale. If you are just starting out in your hobby and looking to find some model ships to start off your collection, there are loads of great sites that offer model ships for affordable prices.

Model Ships for Sale Online

One such site for the model ship enthusiast is Here you can find a large variety of model ships for sale. Ship sizes conveniently range from 14″ and under to 50″ and over. While ship pricing ranges from the affordable $50 and under to the more diehard $500 and over.

For the collector looking for certain themes, different styles of model ships are also sold at For instance, civil war ships, pirate ships, and WWII ships are among the site’s model ships for sale. Also, ship decorations such as telescopes, ship wheels, and compasses are available for the model ship collector looking to enhance current models they own.

Mode ship categories include: tall ships, speed boats, cruise ships, yachts and special edition models. Display cases for your most prized model ships are also available. Each display case is made from pine, and is fashionably styled to store your model ship in luxury. Most newcomers to model ship buying probably won’t be interested in spending an extra $150 on just a case; but the accomplished and prideful model ship owners will scoff at the thought of dust gathering on their ships.

Another great way to find model ships for sale is Newcomers to model ship collecting may find the prices on eBay very affordable, while the quality of the ship may not be that great. However, distinguished model ship collectors looking to spend a bit of money will find many great and/or rare model ships for sale. However, eBay can either be your friend or your enemy. If you don’t know what you are doing, you may spend too much on a model ship not worth a whole lot. But when looking for rarities, eBay will help you find those model ships that other sites don’t sell.

So, whether you are new to model ship collecting or are a seasoned vet, there are many online ways to find the perfect model ships.

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