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Model Sailboats Reflect on History

February 9th, 2010

Model Sailboats - Americas Cup Contender Model

Model Sailboats - America's Cup Contender Model

Owning a model sailboat offers the boat lover an opportunity to reflect on their experience sailing the open waters. Sounds of the sea echo in their ears, as the imagination leads them to these special places and times.

Whether a sailor or simply an admirer, owning a handcrafted model sailboat is an elegant addition to any home, office, or study.

To the collector, a model sailboat tells a story. Replicas of famous crafts, from the American classics to the internationally famous schooners, often grace their mantles and curio cabinets. They are passionate about showcasing these treasures.

The detail that the model sailboat exhibits is amazing. Through the intricate stitching on the sails, to the glossy hand painted hulls, the fine craftsmanship the artisans put into their work is apparent.

Model sailboats come in many types, sizes and shapes. These masterpieces are found for sale online, and in some of the finer furniture stores. However, due to specific requests, numerous sailboats are made to order.

Crafted sailboats in a bottle

When eying the beauty of the model sailboat in a bottle, you will be reminded of bygone times. These delicately crafted vessels are presented in several types of bottles.

Depending on the sailboat you choose, it may be housed in a round bottle, a flat-bottomed bottle or dimpled bottles, designed to sit on a table or mantle. The bottles are corked, waxed, and lined with cotton fishing line, then topped off with a sailor’s knot.

To achieve the realistic effect these vessels exhibit, crafters use only quality materials. For every detail – from the mast to the sea – your model sailboat in a bottle is sure to be a prized possession.

Every piece will have a descriptive plaque engraved or otherwise affixed to the bottle. Many offer the history of the sailboat. This addition makes these wonders not only a stunning curio, but a source of education, and conversation.

Decorative model sailboats offer timeless classics at affordable prices

Owning a decorative model sailboat will put you in the seat of history with your hand on the sail. It is up to you where you take the vessel, and where it takes you. It is the discerning taste of the novice or collector that draws one to these water crafts.

The building of these sailboats requires a steady hand and a love for the craft. Decorative handcrafted model sailboats are not fashioned from prefabricated model kits. Craftsmen research each vessel’s history before embarking on its creation. Museums, photos, boat plans, and visits to the actual boats are a few techniques used in crafting a decorative model sailboat.

After careful review, model plans are drawn which mimic the original vessel. This is accomplished by the use of special computer software.

Following the plan creation, the tedious process of shaping the sailboat begins. The wood for the bulkhead and deck are hand formed. While some machinery is used to move along production, the majority of the work is done by hand.

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All About Model Sailboats

January 2nd, 2010

Seabreeze Sailer

Seabreeze Sailer


There are two primary types of sailboat models. Before clarifying these types of boats, it is important to state that these models are normally radio controlled. These models use the power of the wind to propel the boat forward, which is then controlled by a radio transmitter. The user is able to control the rudder (for steering) and the position of the sails (for optimal positioning) with the battery-powered electric motor.

Traditional Sailboat Model

A traditional sailboat model or scaled model boat represents a particular sailboat type. These sailboat models imitate the fine details of the boat to make it a small version of the original. Sailboat models can range anywhere from a few inches to several feet long. They may include canons, sounds, lights, and other features that add to the realism of the product.

Racing Sailboat Model

Racing sailboat models are built purely for speed, which utilize high-tech materials such as carbon fiber for masts. Classes include those defined by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and other specific groups, to other classes that are used for non-competitive fun.

Relaxing With Sailboat Models

A sailboat model is extremely relaxing. In this hobby one can find the tranquility of the lake or sea while enjoying their sailboat. Those who are engaged in sailboat models are able to enjoy the sights and sounds around them, enabling them to relax.

Building Sailboat Models

Sailboat models are great for those who enjoy building. Similar to the more popular car model building hobby, those who take interest in creating a well-detailed object find the hobby of model sailboats particularly engaging.

Building a sailboat model allows one to take an in-depth look at all of the major parts of a sailboat. Building a sailboat model from the ground up is an excellent learning experience for all ages and all levels of knowledge. Building a sailboat adds another dimension to the realism and overall experience.

Learning Through Sailboat Models

Learning to sail is another dynamic that occurs when using sailboat models. Compared to other ways, such as learning to sail from books, learning how to sail with a hands-on approach is an alternative method, and preferred by many.

A sailboat model is a particularly good method for teaching children the basics of sailing. Simpler sailboat models can effectively translate some of the most elementary concepts, such as wind direction and speed, into understanding for interested children. Many find using sailboat models, and sailing in general, interesting as a result.

Sailboat models are also just as engaging for adults who want to learn the dynamics of sailing. Appropriate for all levels, a sailboat model will seek to give an accurate representation of how certain factors affect the boat. Through the physical dynamics to the historical representation of some boats, it can be an effective learning process for those who use sailboat models.

Racing with Sailboat Models

Those interested in competitive sailboat racing will find models particularly engaging. Individuals find the experience quite addicting as they utilize the wind and their skills in competition for speed. This represents the final, yet significant, reason for enjoying sailboat models.

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