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How To Display A Model Ship

March 4th, 2010

Model Ship Display Cases and Tables

Model Ship Display Cases and Tables


The experience of owning a model ship is one of grand prestige and admiration, so it’s only fitting that this prized possession be properly displayed for further inspection and appreciation. Often the right method of display depends on the size and style of the model.

Model Ship Display Shelves

While many model ships do some with a stand to place them on for better display and signification, often the model is then placed on a shelf for better visibility. While bookshelves are popular for this type of display, the use of wall mounted model ship display selves are becoming increasingly popular. They’re easy to assemble and are especially good for rooms with very little regular shelving space.

As these shelves do leave the ship exposed to the open air, it is important that your model is regularly dusted and cleaned to prevent gradual deterioration. Genuine wood shelves are often already treated with a stain. To further preserve the life of your shelf, you should treat it with a little linseed oil which will soak into the wood and over time will harden to protect the wood from dents and scratches while also preserving the wood’s moisture.

Model Ship Display Cases

If you would rather not have to deal with the constant maintenance of cleaning your model ship, a large model ship display case enclosed in either glass or Plexiglas is also an option. These cases come in a variety of sizes and shapes to perfectly fit the type of ship you own. They also are manufactured in an array of materials, though most ship model collectors tend to prefer wooden cases due to their more traditional appeal.

Even with your model in an enclosed environment, it should be removed from the case for periodical preservation. Another thing to keep in mind is that the wood from display cases can lead to acid migration which can slowly corrode fabrics and paper. It’s best to places a small sheet of Mylar underneath your display and to allow for air flow in order to alleviate the build up of acid fumes.

Model Ship Display Tables

Perhaps your model ship is too large for proper display on a regular shelf or in a bookcase. In this case, there are model ship display tables specifically made to hold these substantial works of art. These tables are often easy to assemble and come in a variety of wood finishes to match your home decor.

As with shelves, you will need to clean your model frequently and properly treat the wood table to keep it beautiful for longer. Also, the table should be kept in a place where pets and/or small children will not have easy access to it to prevent further damage.

Model Ship Display Table & Case Combinations

If you prefer, there is also the option to have a model ship display table and case together. Purchasing these items as a set means that you will have a beautiful and seamless way to show off your model. If purchased from the same manufacturer, you will have a case that fits perfectly fit on top of your table and prevent it from falling off.

Whichever way you prefer to exhibit your fine ship model, we know that you’ll find the one that fits you and your home or office best.

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