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How to Care for your Model Ships

April 7th, 2010

Display Cases

Ship models are very delicate. While model ships take hundreds of meticulous hours to create, it only takes one irresponsible second to destroy. That is why it is important to take the proper steps to insure the safety of your model ship. You must make sure that your model ship is properly cared for from the moment it begins its delivery to you, to the time that it sits proud in your collection. There are numerous ways to do so, from proper shipping to regular maintenance to using display cases. This article will inform you the right ways and options for each, so that proper safety precautions can be taken to keep your model ship secure.

Safely Shipping your Model Ships

When ordering from you are assured safe packaging and shipment. This is due to the fact that all of their tall models are tied down and surrounded by a wooden crate to hold the models securely in place. All other models are packaged tightly with Styrofoam on each side and double boxed. Hand Crafted Model Ships tests their shipping methods to ensure that your models will hold up in even the roughest travelling conditions.

Caring for your Model Ships

Taking regular care of your model ships is a must. Models will collect dust, dander, smoke, and other harmful airborne effects. In order to keep your model ship looking brand new you should know how to clean it properly without damaging it. The best way to do this is with a keyboard duster. Keyboard dusters shoot out compressed air that gets rid of dust in hard to reach places. These dusters can be found in local stores such as Wal-Mart. Also, cotton swabs are great for cleaning areas of tough dirt and grime that the duster can not remove. You should invest in cotton swabs of various length for this reason. You can use a mixture of soap and water to clean the tougher stains off, and also a bit of alcohol can help rid your model of stubborn spots. Remember to take care when cleaning as you do not want to accidentally do harm to your model.

Display Cases for Model Ships

One of the most important steps to maintaining your model ships is by keeping it encased in a display case. At Hand Crafted Model Ships you can find many different sized display cases. These cases are essential to keeping dirt and other harmful things away from your prized possessions. The display cases at Hand Crafted Model Ships usually cost $199, but if you order your display case with the purchase of a model then you can receive a $100 discount!

By following these simple tips you should be able to keep good care of your model ships so that they will last for generations. You have spent way too much time, effort, and money on your model ships to see them deteriorate with time and carelessness. Make sure that you properly maintain each and every ship model in your collection so that you won’t regret it later!

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